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Nightflyers: Get Your First Look At George R. R. Martin's Syfy Series

Nightflyers is flying to a small screen near you soon, and we've got the first look. 

Syfy unveiled the very first teaser for Nightflyers, based on Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin's novella of the same name, which sets the stage for the psychological thriller series set in the year 2093. 

The footage shows a few members of the main cast of Nightflyers — the maverick scientists and the powerful telepath — who are trapped in the tunnels of the Nightflyer aircraft, turning to look for help without much luck. An ominous message flashes across the screen as we hear screams in the distance: "You can't escape what's inside." It's clear that the voyage the crew embarked on to locate the alien life at the outer edge of our solar system didn't just deliver them to the cusp of our small portion of the universe, it also brought them to insanity. 

Check out the short but spooky teaser above.

Here's the official synopsis for Nightflyers, courtesy of Syfy: "Set in the year 2093, Nightflyers is a psychological thriller that follows a team of scientists aboard the Nightflyer, the most advanced ship ever built, as they embark on a journey to find other life forms. Their mission takes them to the edge of the solar system, and to the edge of insanity, as they realize true horror isn't waiting for them in outer space — it's already on their ship."

Martin is attached to the series as executive producer, working alongside showrunner Jeff Buhler. Nightflyers stars Bronte Charmichael (Christopher Robin) as Skye D'Branin, Phillip Rhys (24) as Murphy, Miranda Raison (Spotless, My Week with Marilyn) as Tessia, Gwynne McElveen (Vikings) as Tobias, Youssef Kerkour (Bounty Hunters) as Hartley Suczek, Andrea Dolente (Outlander) as Doryen, Eoin Macken (The Night Shift) as Karl D'Branin, Sam Strike (EastEnders) as Thale, Maya Eshet (Teen Wolf) as Lommie, Angus Sampson (Fargo) as Rowan, Jodie Turner-Smith (The Last Ship) as Melantha Jhirl, Gretchen Mol (Boardwalk Empire) as Dr. Agatha Matheson, David Ajala (Fast & Furious 6) as Roy Eris, and Brían F. O'Byrne (Million Dollar Baby) as Auggie.

Nightflyers doesn't yet have a set release date, though it's slated to premiere this fall.