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Jenna Ortega Didn't Even Know Who Scream 6's Ghostface Was Which Is How These Films Should Be Made

"Scream 6" slashed into theaters with mixed reviews from critics, though fans were eager to see the return of Ghostface. In the sixth installment of the franchise, we take a trip to the Big Apple where the knife-wielding psycho has an entire city of victims to choose from. The masked slasher returns to stalk Tara (Jenna Ortega) and Sam (Melissa Barrera), and finish the bloodbath from 2022's "Scream."

This film aims to be different than the others with a more intense version of Ghostface that has a sick fascination with the previous killers. The heightened stakes have viewers wondering even more who the killer is, which is a testament to the proper way "Scream 6" was filmed, as Jenna Ortega revealed on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

When Fallon asked if Ghostface's identity was outlined in the original script, Ortega gave a surprising answer: "Sometimes they give us different scripts, different endings. This time around they just didn't give us the third act at all." This unconventional method actually benefits the film in a number of ways.

Scream 6's unique plot warrants this approach

Sometimes in "whodunits," the killer's identity is extremely obvious — leading to an underwhelming viewing experience. As audiences become savvier and learn the rules of horror, the films we see have to adapt and find new ways to scare us. This is crystal clear in this meta, stab-filled series, which took a new approach in the latest addition to the franchise.

"Scream 6" has a lot of hype to live up to after the mysterious and bloody trailers leading up to its release. As Jenna Ortega stated, the cast was kept in the dark, leading to original and riveting performances. She prefaced this revelation by emphasizing the elevated status of the film, with its larger preying ground and brutal kills to match. This is exemplified by a Ghostface whose identity is near impossible to guess, even with their unnerving obsession.

The killer has an entire theater dedicated to past Ghostfaces' props and weapons, piquing the interest of a particular FBI agent and returning fan-favorite Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere). This detail means any horror nut we've seen in "Scream" (which is nearly everyone) could be a potential suspect. In that respect, it actually helps the film if over half of it is shot without the cast knowing the big reveal, while possibly thinking it's them in the process. 

The cast's ignorance naturally means better performances

The fact of the "Scream" franchise is: some films have satisfying reveals, and others have disappointing killers. The bad ones usually come out of left field or are utterly obvious, as Dewey (David Arquette) noted in the "Scream" requel:" never trust the love interest." The moment when Ghostface takes their mask off is a make-or-break moment for any "Scream" movie that instantly has us reconsider the entire film.

Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu (Matthew Lillard) set the tone for the series in the original "Scream" as both terrifying and necessarily funny. The comic relief adds essential levity to the high body counts, but only a select few can pull it off. After the stunning subversion of Emma Roberts' fame-obsessed Jill in "Scream 4," the combination of Amber (Mikey Madison) and Richie (Jack Quaid) in "Scream 5" felt boring and predictable. "Scream 6" aims to rectify this through shotgun shells, skyscraper escapes, and even a claustrophobic subway stabbing. 

It's safe to say that Madison and Quaid were privy to their killer roles ahead of time, as evident from their restless and gleeful performances. They also didn't blend in as seamlessly with their friends/victims as the previous killers, making their secret easily guessable. The ensemble nature of "Scream 6" is already giving impressive performances just from the trailers, leaving fans scratching their heads over the killer's identity. Who is the new Ghostface? As Jenna Ortega joked to Jimmy Fallon, you'll have to see the movie to find out.