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Yellowjackets Fan Theory: Season 2 Trailer Reveals More About Tai's Haunted Past

"Yellowjackets," following in the footsteps of other mystery box shows like "Lost," attracts fan theories like bees to honey (yes, yellowjackets are a type of wasp, but let's all agree to just accept the simile as is). Between what might happen to Shauna's (played as a teenager by Sophie Nélisse) baby, how soon the girls' soccer team stranded in the woods waits until they resort to full-on cannibalism, and how they end up escaping and making it back to civilization, there's a lot of mysteries yet to be solved, but one looms large: why does one character go into a fugue state and eat dirt at night?

Played as a teenager by Jasmin Savoy-Brown and as an adult by Tawny Cypress, Taissa has, for some time, found herself sleepwalking and eating dirt, finding the evidence under her nails the next day as the only proof. Some fans on Reddit think that, in the Season 2 trailer, they may have spotted something to do with that weird habit; as FeatureSouthern5274 wrote at the start of a thread, "Anyone else catch the rope tied around Van [Eve Hewson] and Tai's wrists? Could this be to prevent her from sleepwalking??"

Fans think this trailer moment is about Taissa's sleepwalking

It seems like most fans agree with this theory, and it does stand up to basic scrutiny. One user, PalpitationAdorable2, even clarified, saying, "That or a pagan "binding ritual". You're probably right though, I feel we're going to get a lot more information about Tai's fugue states in this new season." Floyd__79 referenced adult Taissa's son's nickname for her when he sees her eating dirt in a tree outside of his window, writing, "The Bad lady will make short work of those rope cuffs." 

Reddit user thundertones worried about Taissa's girlfriend Van, tied to her in this moment from the trailer,  oh no if that's true i can only imagine what will happen 💀💀 poor van wakin up to her gf chewing on her arm or smthn lol," and another commenter, Vandergrif, had a pretty good answer about why this might not be such a bad thing. "It's more nutritious than dirt, though," they wrote. "There's a silver lining."

Taissa has more mysteries than the dirt-eating

One of the most shocking moments of the Season 1 finale — which, considering this is "Yellowjackets," is a pretty high bar — is when Taissa's estranged wife Simone (Rukiya Bernard) discovers a hidden room in the family's basement containing some pretty disturbing stuff. Hidden behind an air vent, Simone finds a bizarre shrine with the mysterious symbol seen throughout the show scrawled on the wall, alongside mementos like a one-eyed doll, a heart that could belong to a human or an animal, and worst of all, the missing family dog's head.

The adult Taissa's storyline involves her campaign running for state senator in New Jersey, and considering that the stress level and commitment required for said campaign are the reasons why she and Simone are estranged in the first place, it's pretty clear that she'll stop at nothing in order to win. Some have theorized that this shrine could be her offering to Lottie (played by Simone Kessell in adulthood, starting in Season 2) to help her win the election, which she does in the Season 1 finale — news she receives with an odd look in her eyes, as if she knew she'd win all along somehow.

The second season of "Yellowjackets" begins on March 26 (with the streaming premiere two days earlier on March 24), and while not every mystery will get solved, we'll hopefully learn way more about everything, including Taissa's nighttime activities.