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Young Sheldon Fans Are Loving Sheldon's Sarcasm Confusion In S6 E15

"Young Sheldon's" latest episode was jam-packed with plenty of memorable moments both dramatic and comedic. After last week's exciting delivery, we welcome the new baby Cooper home in Season 6, Episode 15, "Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame." Understandably, Mandy (Emily Osment) finds herself overwhelmed with her new responsibilities while the rest of the family has even more problems to deal with.

Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is seemingly unaffected by the family drama as he's preoccupied with his own recent database failure. To distract himself, he even sings the new baby to sleep with a fan-favorite lullaby that's instantly recognizable. In addition to this "The Big Bang Theory" reference, Sheldon exhibits a notable quality from his adult years when he misunderstands Dr. Linkletter's (Ed Begley Jr.) sarcastic comments. Fans are getting a kick out of Sheldon's constant questioning where he keeps asking "sarcasm?" in a similar way that he does in the original series. 

Audience members are responding to the exchange on Twitter and reveling in the familiar dialogue like @BobGermanovich who wrote, "He still doesn't get sarcasm. Love it." Others are feeling the same as it evokes Jim Parsons' performance as the zany physicist. These latest antics on "Young Sheldon" further link the two iterations of the character, and viewers are thoroughly enjoying the connection. 

Fans were quick to point out Sheldon's familiar quirk

As Sheldon gets older, he becomes more and more like his "The Big Bang Theory" counterpart. This leads to the belief that the next season could and maybe should be the last as we circle around formative moments from his childhood. In the meantime, fans are enjoying nostalgic callbacks like Sheldon's familiar struggle with understanding sarcasm. In the original series, he frequently leans on his friends to help him tell the difference between dry, sarcastic remarks and true statements with a simple phrase mimicked by @chimatronx – "Sarcasm?" 

This is reflected in his adolescence, as we see in "Young Sheldon's" recent episode, which fans are clearly loving. Another user, @NotYerAvgChick, also noticed the relation and tweeted, "Sheldon is still having trouble determining sarcasm," with an accompanying GIF that emphasizes the irony. The engagement from fans indicates their appreciation of repeated references to "The Big Bang Theory," which are always welcome in the prequel spin-off. 

Sheldon's misunderstanding provides comic relief during the intense episode and reminds us of the original series, as @OscarSm61194655 indicated. "He still hasn't fully understood Sarcasms to this day!" they noted. These moments of levity at Sheldon's hand balance out the episode's more serious moments between George (Lance Barber) and Mary (Zoe Perry) as they continue to argue. It even unfortunately steals more attention from Missy (Raegan Revord), leading to her drastic, cliffhanger decision at the end of the episode.