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Young Sheldon's S6 Episode 15 Promo Features A Fan-Favorite TBBT Song

When audiences are first treated to Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in "The Big Bang Theory," it is immediately established that this individual is quirky, to say the least. Although Sheldon is exceptionally smart, he tends to be awkward in social interactions, though this seems to have little bearing on his behavior. If anything, Sheldon will mention if not outright force others to comply with his quirks, with one of his most prolific being his spot on the couch. If anybody else sits in Sheldon's chosen spot, there are definitely going to be some words.

Besides his beloved couch seat, Sheldon also has a very specific knocking pattern for doors, a need for certain beverages in certain situations, and his Mysophobia, to just name a few more of his traits. Luckily, fans of "The Big Bang Theory" have gotten a chance to see the origin of many of these quirks in the spin-off show "Young Sheldon," and it seems like yet another Sheldon idiosyncrasy and its corresponding tune have been put front and center for the next episode of "Young Sheldon."

Young Sheldon unleashes the power of Soft Kitty

There have certainly been a lot of major plot events in Season 6 of "Young Sheldon," and the one that is currently dominating the show is the birth of Georgie Cooper (Montana Jordan) and Mandy McAllister's (Emily Osment) baby. The preview for the next episode of "Young Sheldon" over on YouTube starts with Sheldon (Iain Armitage) visiting Mandy. When Mandy answers the door, it becomes immediately apparent that she is exhausted and lacking sleep, and the audience can hear that the baby is upset and crying. Sheldon then tells Mandy that he is there to practice new things in order to get better at handling frustration.

At this point, Mandy asks if Sheldon is there is use the baby as an experiment, and Sheldon answers in the affirmative. However, Mandy is actually okay with Sheldon's request, mainly because it looks like she is willing to try anything to earn a reprieve from new motherhood. Sheldon then holds the baby and invokes the soothing mantra "Soft Kitty," which was featured extensively in "The Big Bang Theory" and is one of the mechanisms that calms Sheldon down when he is feeling frustrated.

Needless to say, "Soft Kitty" works on Mandy's baby, and both Sheldon and Mandy are completely amazed at how effective it is. If anything, this shows the ultimate power of the lullaby and why it is still utilized in Sheldon's adult life. It's always a great time in "The Big Bang Theory" and "Young Sheldon" when "Soft Kitty" is sung.