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Kevin Costner's History Channel Docuseries Could Mean Trouble For Yellowstone

A new docuseries from The History Channel, "The West," has been announced that could potentially threaten Kevin Costner's future with the "Yellowstone" franchise.

Given Costner's background in the western genre, it makes sense that a documentary show offering a unique perspective of the "Wild West" and an in-depth analysis of the influence left behind by this impactful era would recruit such an individual for hosting duties. "I am in love with history. I love the rich, heroic, and harrowing stories of the West. The people and their stories have always held a fascination for me, but there's an urgency today to put those times and the men and women who we think we know in perspective, in the context of their times, without judgement," the Golden Globe toldĀ The History Channel. "This particular West project is significant for me as it marks a return to The History Channel, the home of my first foray into television with the Hatfields & McCoys." The actor seems very excited at the opportunity to shed some light on a period he has portrayed several times in his career, and while it may seem like it's business as usual, it could also indicate that bad things could be on the horizon for "Yellowstone."

While it's not out of the ordinary for stars of shows to take on other gigs, the timing of this announcement is somewhat interesting, given the other revelations that have come out regarding Costner's status as John Dutton.

The West announcement adds to the speculation surrounding Costner's departure from Yellowstone

The fact that Kevin Costner is hosting "The West" on The History Channel doesn't necessarily mean that he is for sure leaving "Yellowstone." But suppose fans consider everything else that has happened between the series and its leading man. In that case, the news unintentionally adds to the hype surrounding his potential exit from the series.

The craze surrounding the Dutton dynasty leader's departure started when Deadline reported that the series might be moving forward without Costner in an offshoot or spin-off due to scheduling conflicts with the actor. The scheduling issue stemmed from his commitments to other endeavors like his passion project, "Horizons," where he serves as star and director. It also revealed that Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey was in talks to lead the new chapter of the "Yellowstone" legacy. While it may seem like Costner's time has run out on the series, several parties close to the show and the actor have indicated that these revelations are inaccurate.

Costner's attorney stated this information is incorrect and that the actor is firmly committed to the series. Additionally, his co-star Wes Bently said these claims are "probably a bit of drama over nothing." He might be right, considering that Paramount has also spoken out and said the initial reports are false, and that they look forward to his continued work on the series. While rumors of his "Yellowstone" farewell tour could very well be an exaggeration, there is certainly enough evidence to suggest that the Paramount Network show isn't Costner's only focus. For some, the timing revolving around the news of "The West" only heightens the speculation of John Dutton's future on the series.