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Pedro Pascal Made Up His Own 'Devil Language' On NYPD Blue

Pedro Pascal is arguably one of the biggest actors on the planet right now. He's killing it with two major television series to his name, where he plays the lead role. The first being "The Mandalorian" on Disney+, and he also plays another father figure who takes in a child with special abilities on HBO's "The Last of Us." His resume is incredibly impressive, with other prominent roles on "Narcos" and "Game of Thrones." And that's not even getting into his film work. 

However, before he was a major star, Pascal was just like any other actor trying to make it big — taking smaller roles in an attempt to build up his resume so that he could one day break out. All that hard work finally paid off, but it's interesting to go back to his earlier parts to see where he got his start. Fans may be surprised to learn how Pascal appeared in episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Touched by an Angel," but during the actor's recent appearance on "Hot Ones," they discussed his unique role in "NYPD Blue," where he plays a goth guy with a strange way of talking to the cops.

Pedro Pascal was amazed his devil language made it on ABC

Dio in "NYPD Blue" is certainly one of Pedro Pascal's most visually interesting roles. You probably wouldn't expect to see the actor today with jet-black hair, wearing a bunch of earrings and necklaces with a pentagram drawn onto his palm. So naturally, Pascal brought up the character when asked on "Hot Ones" if he had any unusual roles that were fun to play. He goes on to describe the character, "At one point, he has a pentagram on the inside of his palm that they made with like black Sharpie, and I lick it. And I make up some satanic language."

As a young actor, it made sense that at the time, Pascal would wonder if there was anything specific he was supposed to say, like in Latin. But those behind the scenes were apparently pretty cool with letting him improv. So he just made up a language on the spot to say, and while it can't exactly be translated here, Pascal was impressed it made it "on an episode of your network, ABC network television hit, 'NYPD Blue.' I made up the language."

Fun fact: Dio on "NYPD Blue" wouldn't be the only time Pedro Pascal played a goth character. That same year in 2001, he also had a small role in the TV movie, "Earth vs. the Spider," where his character is literally called "Goth Guy." From "goth" to "adoptive father protecting a special child," is there anything this man can't do?