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Pedro Pascal Tried The Jedi Mind Trick To Deflect A Mandalorian Spoiler Question

Contains spoilers for "The Mandalorian" Season 3, Episode 2 — "The Mines of Mandalore"

It seems that one of the hardest things to do as an actor is to appear in interviews. Whereas the person asking questions usually has no idea what the future has in store for a particular movie or television series, the person being asked usually has a complete and total picture of what is ahead. This means that an actor is usually asked questions as if something has yet to happen, but in their minds, it has already occurred. Of course, this has led to some fairly interesting interview moments, like when Mark Ruffalo accidentally spoiled "Avengers: Infinity War."

These days Pedro Pascal is on everybody's radar, whether it be for HBO's "The Last of Us" or the just-started Season 3 of Disney's "The Mandalorian." Constantly probed for details, Pascal usually seems like he is having a lot of fun and rarely takes things too seriously. It's certainly bound to happen, though, when everybody is asking about what may happen in a series or if there is anything they should prepare for. A good interviewee will have the foresight, or at least cunning, to parry potential spoilers while also not completely clamming up, and it seems as if Pascal is ready to obfuscate as best he can.

Pascal knows how to dodge a spoiler

In a week-old interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pedro Pascal was asked a series of questions about "The Mandalorian," Grogu, and the internet's obsession with considering Pascal a "daddy." As both Pascal and the interviewer are having a ton of fun, one of the final questions of the interview asked Pascal whether or not he thinks Mythosaurs are extinct in the "Star Wars" universe. For those out there without an encyclopedic knowledge of "Star Wars," the Mythosaur is a legendary beast associated with the Mandalorians, and it is the Mythosaur skull that forms the basis of the Mandalorian symbol. It is also important to note that the second episode had not yet premiered, so Pascal had to play it cool.

At this point in the interview, Pascal went immediately coy and halfheartedly answered, "Mythosaurs? Extinct from the world of 'Star Wars?'" This response caused the interviewer to mention that Mythosaurs are supposedly gone, but that they believe they can be found in the Mines of Mandalore's Living Waters, which seemed oddly specific. Pascal retorted that he thinks the interviewer is into conspiracy theories, and that Mandalorians believe that the Mythosaur resides in the Living Waters before looking directly at the interviewer and saying that her tricks aren't going to work, adding that he is a locked vault. Still, this interaction with Pascal shows that he can have a little fun while avoiding potential spoilers.