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The Mandalorian S3 Gives Us A Look At A Living Mythosaur (& Why That Matters)

Contains spoilers for "The Mandalorian" Season 3, Episode 2 – "Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore"

In a rare occurrence that Boba Fett could probably relate to more than most, this week's "The Mandalorian" was slightly absent of its titular hero, with the episode going along with Grogu and last minute-ally Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) coming to Din Djarin's (Pedro Pascal) aid. Doing so allowed the little force-wielding cherub to hang around with the lonely Mandalorian royal and get schooled in the ways of her heritage. She regaled the little scamp with the brief time that her nation was okay with Jedi before everything went to interplanetary heck. Grogu didn't respond much to it, but we think he was slightly interested judging by the account he gave us directly.

Besides that, Bo-Katan also educated Din about the legend of the first Mandalorian, whose heroic act established the foundation of her people. A brave warrior that took on the legendary Mythosaur and won, the event was etched forever in Mandalore history by the nation's sigil of the horned creature (we even saw one of The Armorer's guards carrying a flag with it last week). Of course, just by mentioning that there had been no sightings of a beast like that for years, you could bet your favorite lightsaber collection that we would get a peek eventually. We just didn't expect it to be so soon.

Bo-Katan and her blink or you'll Mythosaur sighting

Having already made a case that he shouldn't be left unattended this week, Din Djarin did it again by taking a few steps into The Living Waters and getting yanked under instantly. Dragged down to depths that not even Kate Winslet could manage, Bo-Katan comes to his rescue again, recovering Din and swimming back up to the surface. It was during her return trip, however, that she caught a glimpse of the aforementioned beastie, revealing just how big of a task the first Mandalorian had on his hands.

As we've already learned in "Star Wars" by way of "The Phantom Menace," there's always a bigger fish. However, we hope there's nothing larger than an all-new sighting of the illusive Mythosaur. Revealed only partially under Bo's torchlight, we caught sight of a massive horn and giant eye staring back at her. She was understandably startled by what she was looking at — this thing seems humongous!

Of course, with this new threat on the scene, it only makes sense that history repeats itself and that a brave Mandalorian comes forward to bring the creature down. The only question is, which one is going in for the kill?

Could Bo and Din redeem themselves by taking on the Mythosaur?

After narrowly escaping with their lives from Din Djarin's dive for absolution, only a fool ("or the fool who follows him") would consider returning to bring the Mythosaur to the surface, right? With that said, both of these absolute hard cases have their own reasons to try. Given that Bo-Katan revealed last week that her allies had abandoned her without her Darksaber and Din is desperate to return something to the Armourer to ensure his absolution, a giant forgotten beast that Mandalore history was founded on is surely the way to go.

It would certainly make for an interesting middle ground for both characters to land on, considering that Bo — even having turned her back on the old ways — still shares an element of pride in where she came from, which Din clearly wishes he was a part of. Together, they could take on the creature, which in turn could reignite a union among the Mandalorians that, according to our hero, are currently "scattered like stars in the galaxy." It would also seal an already interesting alliance that's slowly coming to fruition. What better way to unite them than a brand-new mascot? We can only wait and see if the hunt begins next week when "The Mandalorian" returns to Disney+.