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The Conners Fans Have A Very Specific Quibble With How The Characters Look

Every fanbase has an issue with their favorite series, no matter how much they love it. Fans of "Friends" could go on and on about how Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) is the worst thing since sliced bread, and lovers of "Grey's Anatomy" can pinpoint the exact moment they had their fill of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). It's the curse of being in a fandom; If you love something, then you're bound to have a couple of issues with it.

To wit — those who adore "The Conners" have complained about everything, such as the show's never-changing opening credits. There's also the way Harris Conner-Healy's (Emma Kenney) brief pregnancy was portrayed. They think that Becky Conner-Healy's (Lecy Goranson) story lacks direction, and some of them are just plain displeased that the show continued without Roseanne Barr's presence. That's not to say that they hate the show, but sometimes those little details result in big problems. Call it the inverse of a well-placed reference back to "Roseanne." Sometimes they just want to feel like the show's putting in as much attention as they are.

There's a big reason why Lanford watchers have a complaint about their favorite show this time out — and it has to do with how the Conner family presents itself physically.

Why is everyone so yellow?

It's been a running complaint from "The Conners" fans all over Reddit for the past two seasons; why the heck do the show's characters look so yellow? They've been calling out the show's bad makeup for seasons, and during Episode 17 of Season 5, "The Contra Hearings and The Midnight Gambler," they felt that it hit a particular low point.

Reddit user u/echos2 wondered, "What in the world is wrong with their makeup people?" They later added that they'd noticed the characters getting even more yellow over time. "Becky looks positively jaundiced in that last scene with the gambling machine." u/Neptune2012 noted that the makeup was equally problematic during last week's episode. u/Hours_Existing thought they spied a completely different culprit behind the yellowness of the character's faces. "I'm actually starting to wonder if it's the makeup or the lighting because at one point in tonight's episode, Darlene's fingertips looked really orange," they said. They also called out the show for its sallow makeup used on Jackie Harris (Laurie Metcalf) back in February during the episode "Adding Insult to Injury." u/tvuniverse couldn't get over how orange Darlene's mouth was. "Darlene's mouth looks like she just ate a bag of cheetos and wiped her mouth," they said.

This isn't the first time that the show's yellowish makeup has been called out by viewers — it's a phenomenon that gained attention from folks who make a hobby out of spotting bad professional makeup work. u/blackberry_riot68 took the show to task on the subreddit r/BadMUAs back in October of 2022 for painting Lecy Goranson a particularly bright shade of yellow. Hopefully, the whole Conner clan will get a nice tan sometime in the near future.