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Yellowstone Fans Agree Jimmy's Character Arc Has Been One Of The Best

One of the things "Yellowstone" is best known for is its collection of carefully crafted and morally ambiguous characters. Better yet, as the show continues on, the surviving cast members continue to reveal new layers even as new characters come and go along the way.

Someone who has been there from the beginning, though, has been Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White). While he began the series as nothing more than a petty criminal who is basically forced to work on the Yellowstone Ranch by Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), Jimmy went on to show that he is a man worthy of respect and of great value to the ranch that he once despised.

Though the character left "Yellowstone" at the tail end of Season 4, that doesn't stop fans from remembering him fondly and admiring his growth over the course of the series. In fact, some fans of the popular Paramount series think that Jimmy has one of the best arcs in the entire show.

Fans think Jimmy has had one of the most compelling arcs in Yellowstone

On the r/YellowstonePN subreddit, fans were quick to laud Jimmy's character arc as one of the strongest and most memorable in the series. In a thread focusing on his character, viewers rallied behind Jimmy even as has left the Yellowstone Ranch to work at the 6666 in Texas.

"If you look at how much of a greenhorn he is in Season 1 and Season 4, he has the skills, he's humble about doing his job, he's become better dressed," wrote u/joqa67. Though Jimmy experiences plenty of growth in the first season of "Yellowstone" as he begins to show his mettle, the character does only get stronger as the series goes on. "He's probably had the best character development of the entire show," agreed u/bufftbone.

YouTube users were also quick to point out how much Jimmy has changed over the course of "Yellowstone." "The best part of season 4 was watching Jimmy grow up. I loved how he gained the respect of those at Yellowstone," wrote @jasonc7593. Meanwhile, @IKhan weighed in with more praise for the character. "Jimmy was the guy I always rooted for," the user said. "The fact that he earned the respect of all the Yellowstone guys was awesome."

Though Jimmy doesn't work at the Yellowstone Ranch anymore, fans can likely expect him to pop up in the upcoming spin-off series, "6666," where he's being rumored to play a central role.