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Yellowstone's Jefferson White Is Very Similar To Jimmy In Real Life, According To His Co-Stars

For a host of characters in Taylor Sheridan's epic present-day family drama, "Yellowstone," a handful of the cast tap into traits within themselves to bring their alter-egos to life. For example, Cole Hauser has been described as scary, albeit while showing the same leadership level as Rip Wheeler, but there's one other player in the world of "Yellowstone" that, according to other co-stars, didn't really need to push for being a cowboy-in-the-making; Jefferson White as out-of-his-depth Dutton ranch hand, Jimmy Hurdstrom. Originally roped in by Rip at the very start of the show, Jimmy became a part of the staff and easily one of the most likable characters in the show.

He may have left the "Yellowstone" ranch for the Four Sixes, but there's no denying that meth-cook-turned-cowboy Jimmy will always be a Dutton man. Self-branding will do that to a person. Appearing in the show's first episode, Jimmy eventually clocked out of his former employer's establishment in Season 4, riding off into the horizon of a spin-off. There's no doubt that he left his mark on the show in the eyes of the cast, though, as when asked which star shared the most substantial similarity to their character, two members linked to the Dutton family tree both put White forward first without hesitation.

Cole Hauser and Wes Bentley agree Jefferson White is most like Jimmy in Yellowstone

In an interview with IMDb, on-screen brothers-in-law Cole Hauser and Wes Bentley, who played Rip Wheeler and Jamie Dutton, both agreed that in the "Yellowstone" roster, Jefferson White was remarkably similar to the character he stepped into the cowboy boots of back in 2018. Without missing a beat, Hauser made a beeline for the actor, who was often the punchline for every other cowboy on the ranch.

"I'm gonna go with Jefferson White," Hauser said. "Jimmy. He's really smart but then he'll say something real stupid." Bentley didn't give an alternative and fully agreed with the choice, recalling the extent White had gone to in bringing Jimmy to life. "He'd also never a ridden a horse or done any of that stuff, right?" Bentley asked. This led to Hauser recalling a story he was happy to share at the expense of his former co-star. "His a** got so chapped at Cowboy Camp, that they had to put Band-Aids all over it." 

White himself admitted how testing it was, revealing to Entertainment Tonight that he and the cast were pushed to the limit to get the job done. "We were really given every opportunity to learn as much as we could and still fail constantly," White said of the legendary Cowboy Camp. Of course, with a challenge like that, the only choice is to get back on the horse. We're so glad White did because "Yellowstone" really wouldn't be the same without him.