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Amazon Prime's Citadel Trailer Is Giving Viewers Total Bond Vibes

Earlier this week, Amazon Prime dropped the trailer for "Citadel," starring Richard Madden ("Game of Thrones") and Priyanka Chopra-Jonas ("Quantico"). The science-fiction spy drama comes from producers Joe and Anthony Russo ("Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame"), and Amazon is going all-in on the project, spending a staggering amount of money to bring the series to life.

The show focuses on two secret agents who lose their memories after a mysterious explosion on a train. The two are part of a spy agency called Citadel, an organization with ties to no countries and whose agents are so secretive they're practically myths. Judging by the trailer, Mason (Madden) and Nadia (Chopra-Jonas) had a strong relationship before getting their memories wiped. Mason remembers their past first, trying to convince Nadia to remember who they are and where they come from. After Bernard (Stanley Tucci) seemingly gives them the rundown, the two set out to stop a double-crossing agent — and they'll need to remember the past to stop them.

The trailer gives viewers a good idea of what to expect in "Citadel," which brings a globe-trotting adventure filled with high-octane action to Prime Video. Showcasing Madden and Chopra-Jonas' characters doing all kinds of gun-wielding stunts, we see explosions galore, as well as the characters parachuting and skiing down a mountain. While the series looks to be an interesting original sci-fi story, viewers cannot help but compare it to an iconic role that fans have dreamed of seeing Madden takeover: James Bond.

Fans make it abundantly clear that Madden would make a great Bond

Amazon probably isn't getting the feedback they imagined after releasing the "Citadel" trailer. While the action-packed series looks interesting enough, fans immediately pivoted the conversation to Richard Madden, who they think is giving off major James Bond vibes.

On Twitter, @toddhart1984 simply stated, "Excited for 'Citadel.' Richard Madden [is] giving serious James Bond vibes." @AnDrewjmmullins took it a step forward, calling the upcoming Amazon series Madden's audition to play Bond. Fans of the iconic MI6 agent have long listed the actor as a prime candidate to take over the role from Daniel Craig, and his starring role in "Citadel" isn't pivoting talk away from those rumors that pop up every couple of months. @Nattheawknerd pointed out that the actor will have a field day talking about Bond because of his new series, saying, "Madden isn't shaking those Bond rumors anytime soon."

The YouTube comments on the show's official trailer offered similar opinions. Like those on Twitter, the comment section was full of fans believing Madden's using "Citadel" to audition for Bond. Drake Santiago wrote, "'Citadel' is Richard Madden's audition tape for being cast as the next Bond," while Langley M Neely also suggested the actor is trying to secure 007.

While Madden, and seemingly every other British actor, continue to have to answer questions regarding the mantle of Bond, Taron Egerton recently suggested the studio has already cast the next Bond. During a recent interview with Total Film, the actor said, "Yeah, I mean, I think they've already got someone, and it's not me." With Egerton seemingly out of the picture, the door could be wide open for Madden to step into the role, and "Citadel" may be audiences' first taste of what he could bring to 007.