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Citadel - What We Know So Far

The Marvel Cinematic Universe films typify and specialize in the untapped cinematic potential of crossover euphoria. And no MCU directors have handled crossovers better than the Russo brothers', starting with the airport action of "Captain America: Civil War" and culminating in that climactic scene in "Avengers: Endgame" — you know the one. At the same time, out of all the cinematic genres that the MCU has toyed with, the Russos have shown themselves to be particularly adroit at the sprawling spy-conspiracy mode, as seen in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," which is arguably their finest work.

Now, lo and behold, Amazon Studios has given the Russos a platform ideally suited to their talents. Along with Patrick Moran, they've created "Citadel," an upcoming spy thriller series that's turning heads for its genuinely out-there approach to TV storytelling. If you think you've seen crossovers, wait until you see this show-slash-franchise weave together five different TV seasons in different languages. Here's everything we can tell you so far about this project.

When will Citadel be released?

We've known since 2018 that Anthony and Joe Russo were developing a series for Amazon Studios, but it took a while for the project's particulars to start materializing. The series' spy genre and unique world-spanning concept were unveiled in early 2020, and "Citadel" was, at last, formally announced as the title of the Russos and Patrick Moran's upcoming event series. In the time since, production on the franchise's multiple units around the globe began. Star Priyanka Chopra Jonas tweeted in March that Day 1 of the shoot had officially arrived; the Spanish "satellite series" began production in October 2021 (via Levante); and the India leg is expected to start shooting in early 2022, as reported by Variety

We're highly intrigued to see how Amazon intends to handle the release of the show's multiple concurrent international branches and what will be the continuity therein, but all we have to go on as of right now are a handful of prospective release dates on IMDb. Right now, there are weekly episodes of "Citadel" scheduled between February 10, 2022, and March 17, 2022, a release timetable corroborated by TV Insider, but it's not clear if those dates refer to the "mothership" series or one of the international ventures. The official website of production company AGBO still lists the show only as "Coming soon."

Who will be in the cast of Citadel?

With the last three "Avengers" movies under their belt, the Russo brothers may have worked with a higher density of world-class stars in a short span of time than any other directors working. Given that experience, as well as the amount Amazon appears to be investing in "Citadel," it figures that the show's cast should be headlined by two major names.

Those names would be Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, both of whom are on a roll in their post-"Game of Thrones" and "Quantico" careers, respectively. Madden is at the center of Marvel's star-studded "Eternals" ensemble, and Chopra Jonas just received some of the best reviews of her career for her role in the Oscar-nominated drama "The White Tiger," and she will be appearing soon in "The Matrix Resurrections." 

Beloved character actor Stanley Tucci has also been cast (via Collider). He, Madden, and Chopra Jonas will be joined by Danish actor Roland Møller and Australian actress Ashleigh Cummings, while Bollywood star Varun Dhawan will be starring on the Indian "satellite" series (via The Quint). Actors Susan Lynch, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Sara Martins, Gráinne Good, Leo Woodall, and Leo Ashizawa will all be recurring in the show as well (via Deadline).

What will Citadel be about?

We do know, per Deadline, that "Citadel" is the name of an intelligence agency of some sort within the show. But even after three years of slowly gathering hype, actual plot information on "Citadel" remains scarce — surely by design, as the spy genre always calls for a certain degree of audience misdirection. 

Described mainly in such vague terms as "an expansive and groundbreaking global event comprising a mothership series and several local language satellite series," "Citadel" appears, at least for now, to be confident enough in the strength of its own concept to afford keeping cards close to vest. The only direct information available about the show's story is that actor Roland Møller is playing a character named Laszlo Milla who works for the Citadel's rival agency, Manticore. After being captured and held by Citadel for years thanks to an agent named Mason Kane — who we assume is Richard Madden's character — Milla is now free and out for revenge (via Deadline). 

What Amazon is attempting here will be quite a tour de force if pulled off: An epic saga with five different international branches. Aside from the main English-language storyline starring Madden and Chopra Jonas, there will be "Citadel" spin-offs set in Mexico, Italy, Spain, and India, each one in the respective country's main language. Discussing the show with Variety, Krishna D.K., co-director of the Indian branch, went into further detail: "Every country's series is its own series with multiple seasons, but there's going to be crossovers and cross-references," the filmmaker said, while fellow co-director Raj Nidimoru called it an "action thriller drama." Color us extremely intrigued.