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What Is The Song In Citadel's Official Trailer?

Brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo are predominately known to the general movie-going public for their work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the directors of the second and third "Captain America" movies, as well as the "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame" duology. However, the Russo Brothers' filmmaking experience extends well beyond the MCU, and even beyond just blockbuster filmmaking. For example, both brothers worked as directors on gonzo Fox sitcom "Arrested Development," and together they produced 2022 indie darling "Everything Everywhere All at Once."

Also in 2022, the Russos helmed the Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans spy movie "The Gray Man" for Netflix. According to Joe Russo, filming "The Grey Man" was an ordeal for both Russo Brothers, due largely to a high degree of difficulty in realizing its action sequences. Nevertheless, not only is the Russos' next project as producers, titled "Citadel," another spy thriller, but it's far larger in scope than "The Gray Man." Most notably, "Citadel" is unique in that, in addition to premiering as a six episode TV show, companion series are likewise in production set in India, Italy, and Mexico, each tailored to viewers in those regions as well.

Amazon Prime Video premiered a lengthy trailer for "Citadel" on March 6, underscored by a mashup of upbeat pop music with typical movie score sounds. For those who who might be curious, here's the lowdown on the pop song used in the "Citadel" trailer.

Citadel's first official trailer uses Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Eurythmics

After a short intro, the first official "Citadel" trailer opens on a shot of series lead Priyanka Chopra as agent Nadia Sinh, underscored by choral vocals and a gradual orchestral swell. All the while, repetitive synth notes grow in intensity. Then, about 50 seconds in, the chorus of Eurythmics' 1983 single "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" hits, clarifying that the preceding instrumental score mashes up elements of the Eurythmics song and what is presumably an original orchestral composition. As the trailer progresses, elements of "Sweet Dreams" continue to emerge amidst additional unique musical sequences.

While a trend over the course of the past decade or so has seen countless trailers utilize melancholy pop music covers, this "Citadel" preview is unique in that it incorporates the original recording of Eurythmics' 1980s pop hit. That said, in the same manner these sorts of melancholy covers recontextualize iconic pop songs, so too does "Citadel" transform a song viewers may well have heard dozens of times by mashing up its component parts with some additional compositional elements.

So, while "Sweet Dreams" might sound plenty familiar, especially when its chorus hits, the "Citadel" trailer nevertheless reshapes it into something new.