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CSI's David Berman Felt The Show Gave Him A Sense Of Identity By The Finale

For over 280 episodes, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" fans were fortunate enough to enjoy several memorable moments watching David Philips's exceptional efforts in finding all the clues hidden in the victims. Some might be surprised to learn that the actor that played "Super Dave" in the series, David Berman, found his time digging through dead bodies for the truth very rewarding.

While some of the series in the franchise resonate with fans, others aren't so lucky and even get labeled as the worst "CSI" show. There are plenty of spinoffs and reboots for viewers to witness, but the original is arguably one of the greatest ever released. Not only did it last the longest, but the characters also had their work cut out for themselves for several reasons, including having the most serial killers, which meant a lot of work for individuals on the team like David Philips.

The Assistant ME has seen his fair share of nasty crime scenes over the years on the series, and his work in the field has ultimately helped solve many difficult cases. And he doesn't just excel when working with the dead, as he earned the nickname "Super Dave," saving a person's life that was originally believed to be deceased. The death-defying character began his run on the series in the first season and remained in a recurring role until Season 10 when he was upgraded to the main cast. And some may not realize how much playing the role meant to the actor behind the persona.

The actor felt pretty super after playing David Philips on CSI

Playing the part of David Philips for so many years had a significant impact on David Berman. During that time, he not only grew attached to the personality but also learned a lot in the process, which ultimately resulted in it being difficult to walk away. "I started on the show when I was 24; it's been sixteen years, I've been doing this most of my life, certainly the vast majority of my professional life, so it's sad," Berman said to Assignment X when discussing how he felt about the show coming to an end. "I'm incredibly grateful and reflective. My best friends are on the show, and it's given me not only a livelihood but a real sense of identity, and I'm going to miss that."

There is no denying he has a very positive view regarding his experience on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and undeniably has many fond moments to look back on, like some of his past interactions with his fans, especially considering how he feels when they call him "Super Dave "in public. "I always get a kick out of it," Berman said in an interview with CSI Files when they were filming Season 12. "I think it's nice that fans really take to the show and embrace me at times."

While it's no secret that the cast of the classic CBS series has gone on to accomplish many things in various projects, many of them, like Berman, will most assuredly always treasure their time as one of the members of the "CSI" team.