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Angela Bassett Panicked During Her AHS Boa Constrictor Scene

Angela Bassett is one of the most recognizable actresses in the business. After securing a role in "Black Panther" as T'Challa and Shuri's mother, Queen Ramonda, Bassett became a household name. She played a significant role in both "Black Panther" films, but her performance in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" stole the show. Not only did fans get to see her in full swing as the Queen of Wakanda, but she also delivered a heartfelt performance that left fans heartbroken.

Bassett's performance as Queen Ramonda earned her multiple award nominations, including best supporting actress at the Oscars. She put her acting chops on full display for this role, but it's just one of many that Bassett has knocked out of the park.

Before she was Queen Ramonda, Bassett was a series regular for FX's iconic "American Horror Story." Starring in nearly 50 episodes of the infamous horror franchise, she brought some of the most memorable characters from the series to life. In "AHS: Hotel," she played Ramona Royale, an ex-movie star Lady Gaga's Countess turned. Her story arc sought revenge against the Countess after she abandoned her.

However, Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen from "Coven" and "Apocalypse," is probably Bassett's most iconic character. Although she only appeared in one episode of "Apocalypse," fans cheered to see her return to aid the witches in their fight against the Antichrist.

Bassett said she'll never forget the snake scene

Angela Bassett appeared on "The Real Daytime" and was asked if anything ever went wrong during filming. The interviewee pointed out that she spends much time on intense sets, like "Black Panther" and "American Horror Story," so it was a fair question.

"A couple things. Well, it didn't go wrong, thankfully, on 'American Horror Story.' I will never forget it," Bassett answered. "I'm a Voodoo priestess, so there's one particular scene where I was working with a boa constrictor, and I didn't know snakes are loud. That hissing in your ear is very loud."

Bassett wasn't prepared to hear the snake's noise echoing in her ear. She went on to say that the boa wrapped himself around her body, which heightened the anxiety. After all, boas kill by cutting off the flow of their prey's blood by squeezing it.

"We have a wrangler, but you're telling the snake what to do," Bassett continues. "I was trying to remain calm because if I was freaked out, I'd just have to do it again." She also described how tight the boa's hold was. "It was tight, yes, and the more you moved, the tighter it got."