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Johnny Galecki's Unhygienic Habit On Set Of TBBT, According To Kunal Nayyar

Any fan of "The Big Bang Theory" worth their salt knows that the characters show up to do two things: take the stairs thanks to a broken elevator, and chew gum. Well, maybe they didn't really do that second thing on screen — but bear with us. This will all make sense in a minute.

Throughout the series, audiences watched as the gang — Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard (Simon Helberg), and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) — are forced to take the stairs up and down in their apartment building because their elevator goes unfixed for years. Due to the way the set is built, there are spots the camera doesn't quite reach, and according to one of the stars, it's good that some of the prop walls remained out of sight. As Nayyar recently revealed, one of his co-stars had a pretty disgusting habit when it came to those unseen spots on the stairs. (Way to snitch, Raj.)

Johnny Galecki disposed of his gum in the grossest possible way

In an interview with The Daily Express, Nuyyar dished on how Galecki, while they were using the on-set stairs, seemed to regard the wall as his own personal trash can.

Unsurprisingly, Nayyar said the stairs led to "nowhere," which makes sense. What is surprising is what's stuck to the walls that lead to said nowhere. "You run back up the stairs, that go nowhere, and then you walk back down as if it's a new floor," Nayyar said. "Down there is nothing. There's a wall there where Johnny Galecki, for 12 years, would stick his chewing gum on. I'm not joking. So, if any of you are Johnny Galecki fans and you want his dried chewing gum, I am sure it's for sale somewhere on the internet. Welcome to Hollywood." Why Galecki was just allowed to do this for that many years and that many seasons is anyone's guess, but presumably, if you're one of the stars of the biggest sitcom in recent history, you're just allowed to go hog-wild with your used gum on set.

There you have it, folks. If you're the biggest Johnny Galecki fan in the entire universe, you can, in all likelihood, buy his used chewing gum on the Internet, because he stuck it on a prop wall for over a decade instead of just finding a better way to dispose of it.  For anyone else, please enjoy imagining a bunch of gross dried-up gum on the walls every time you watch the "Big Bang Theory" characters traipse up and down those dang stairs.

Johnny Galecki chewed a lot of gum on-set — but was terrible at fake eating

It's a good thing we know Johnny Galecki chewed a ton of gum on the set of "The Big Bang Theory," because his fake eating leaves a lot to be desired — case in point, it looks like Galecki doesn't quite understand the concept of "put food in mouth, chew, and then swallow" that most adult humans have mastered by this point. 

The actors across the board in "The Big Bang Theory" — with the exception of Kaley Cuoco — are pretty dismal at fake eating, but Galecki's Leonard is definitely, indisputably the worst at it. In every scene where Galecki has to interact with food, he holds his fork in a way that nobody has ever held a fork before and just pokes listlessly at his meal. Sure, it's understandable that he wouldn't want to ingest every single calorie in front of him in every single scene, but there has to be a better way around it than, well, whatever Galecki is doing when confronted with food on camera.

For a show that constantly places its characters within arm's reach of food, its actors sure seem confused when they're supposed to be "eating," especially Galecki. Maybe there's a weird truth in here — which is that Galecki only knows how to chew gum (and then stick it to a prop wall).