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A Ghostface Sighting In Your Town Is Just Clever Scream 6 Marketing (Hopefully)

Ghostface is stepping out of Woodsboro!

Just a year after the fifth "Scream" entry hit cinemas, audiences are now bracing for "Scream 6," which sees the legacy sequel's cast going to the Big Apple. "Scream 6" isn't the first time Ghostface has left Woodsboro, however. "Scream 2" took Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) to the scholarly halls of the fictional Windsor College, while the third entry went full-meta by taking Ghostface's victims to Hollywood. The fourth and fifth film returned to the original film's setting, the once quaint town of Woodsboro.

Now, however, it seems like Ghostface is stepping out of his comfort zone, and could potentially be stopping by in a town near you. Notice a stranger on the street in a Ghostface get-up during your commute to work? Variety says that Paramount Pictures has commissioned several performers to dress up as the "Scream" franchise's killer in a viral marketing ploy. The outlet confirms that, so far, the masked assailants and Sidney Prescott-haters have been spotted in major United States cities like New Orleans and St. Louis. Twitter user @BigScreenLeaks suggests that Paramount Pictures initially had plans for Ghostface to go international, with planned sightings in Canada, though they've since reportedly been canceled.

Scream fans love the Ghostface sightings

As expected, "Scream" fans are eating up Paramount's latest marketing stunt. "[L]etting the world know he's back and demanding attention from this gen," shared Twitter user @brandelosreyez about Ghostface's various appearances. Another user on the platform reminded fans to wave to their local Ghostface, because even they have feelings. User @stavshuhami commended the marketing effort but couldn't "imagine seeing him on the street at night ..." Ghostface is having their fair share of fun, too. In response to the various sightings, @GhostfaceTalks_ had nothing but vague threats to share, saying, "I'm watching you." Creepy, indeed. 

Variety notes that Paramount Pictures declined to comment on or discuss the viral stunt. While most fans are loving the "Scream 6" promotion, others are valid in suggesting that the stunt is dangerous. "Poor 'Smile' marketing ripoff. And dangerous af. Shoulda just kept making yall lil posters," shared @TSingletonSays.

The Twitter user is right in pointing out how the "Scream 6" marketing is similar to that of "Smile's." Last year, Paramount Pictures commissioned several actors to nefariously smile at several public events, including MLB games. The insane marketing strategy played off Paramount, as "Smile" became a box office triumph, grossing nearly $80 million more than the fifth "Scream" entry, per The Numbers. Currently, there's no list of planned locations where fans can spot Ghostface and potentially ask for a photo op. For now, "Scream" heads will just have to wait and see if Ghostface will stop by their neighbourhood. 

"Scream VI" hits cinemas on March 10.