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The John Wick Moment That Had Keanu Reeves Asking If They'd 'Gone Too Far'

Certain things happen in every "John Wick" movie, like next-level fight choreography, stellar gunplay, and epic stunts. But there is also a lot of action taking place where the titular killer is behind the wheel, proving to be just as much a nightmare-inducing nemesis as he is on foot, and the vehicular mayhem set to go down in "John Wick: Chapter 4" was almost a bit much for the actor Keanu Reeves.

After three movies, the John Wick experiment has yielded extraordinary results, and fans feel the franchise still hasn't gotten stale. The Keanu Reeves-led flicks have earned over $570 million at the global box office, and each title has Certified Fresh designations on Rotten Tomatoes. It's really no secret as to what makes these movies so successful. While the cast, storylines, and locations are all brilliant in their own right, the fight choreography and well-crafted stunt work arguably keep people coming back for more. Keanu Reeves' exploits as John Wick have seen the menacing persona wield all kinds of firearms, blades, and makeshift weapons to disarm, dismember, and destroy enemies in his way. But he has also pulled off some exhilarating spectacles while on the move. While he would not refuse to fight off assailants on horseback, Wick arguably excels in the driver's seat, bringing a new meaning to the phrase "road rage."

After three chapters of great cinematic action, many fans would probably think they would have run out of ideas in regards to shocking audiences, but when it comes to a car chase scene in "John Wick: Chapter 4," even Reeves thought they had gone to extreme levels to pull this daring move off.

John Wick's alarming antics never cease to amaze Keanu Reeves

In order to raise the stakes for "John Wick: Chapter 4," the new film would have to outdo the franchise's previous efforts in a big way. To do so, the team behind the pulse-pounding exploits of Baba Yaga and the man himself were excited to reintroduce muscle cars into the franchise with an insane stunt taking place around the Arc de Triomphe in France, with some unique requirements. "We tore all the doors off and lost the windshield. You're gonna do a reverse 180, and you gotta shoot a gun, and you gotta reload," Stunt coordinator Scott Rogers said about what the car and Reeves went through for the sequence in the "New Challenges" featurette. He also praised the actor's skills, "He actually started getting too good in the car." The whole thing caused Keanu Reeves to chime in, saying, "we're smashing people, hitting people. It's just amazing. Have we gone too far?" While the actor did chuckle when he gave his remark, the ambitious automotive maneuver indicates that the franchise is going all out for "John Wick: Chapter 4."

And this isn't the first time Reeves revealed what goes into making his killer persona such a menace behind the wheel. "We took the car-driving to the next level, which I really enjoy," the actor stated in an interview with Total Film Magazine. "There's 180s, forward-into-reverse 180s, reverse-into-forward 270s, drifting... So it was really fun to get a chance to learn those skills, and to play."

There is no denying that these movies continue to push the envelope in every installment. Given what's in store for the fourth venture, fans can only imagine what will make Keanu Reeves nervous if "John Wick 5" ever happens.