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Haunted Mansion Fans Love That Disney's New Movie Looks EXACTLY Like The Ride

The House of Mouse is certainly adroit at adapting popular fairy tales and folk stories into vast multimedia empires. Just think of timeless animated classics like "Peter Pan," "Bambi," and "Snow White." Similarly, even some of their rides have made the jump from amusement park to the silver screen, with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise being a fantastic example of this. Now, we just have to wait for the live-action version of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride."

Joking aside, it seems like Disney's latest project, "Haunted Mansion," aims to turn one of their most famous rides into yet another cinematic success. This isn't the first time the ride has been transformed into a movie, either. The first iteration stars Eddie Murphy and was released in 2003. However, this movie wasn't exactly a blockbuster, and Murphy was recently asked by Entertainment Tonight if he might show up in this new version, and he replied, "I did a 'Haunted Mansion' movie, and it wasn't very good, so I don't know if they want to bring the old baggage and have me stinking up the new one. My 'Haunted Mansion' was not all that and a bag of chips." Surprisingly, now that the new trailer has dropped for the freshly rebooted "Haunted Mansion," it looks like fans are expressing some excitement.

Fans are loving the Haunted Mansion ride vibes and references

The trailer for the new "Haunted Mansion" wastes no time in establishing its story and impressive cast. Starring Rosario Dawson, Jared Leto, Danny Devito, Jamie Lee Curtis, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, and Dan Levy, "Haunted Mansion" follows Dawson's family as they move into the creepy estate. Of course, this particular domicile is haunted by all manner of spooks and specters and features plenty of Easter eggs and call-backs for Disney aficionados. This hasn't been lost on many people who have taken to Twitter to share their excitement about this upcoming Disney movie.

@triniitea was surprised at how much they enjoyed the trailer, writing, "Okay you know what okay I'll bite this looks like a really fun time omg..I was holding my breath but dang I wanna see it." This sentiment was echoed by many others, with @SKPR_Dickrichie listing their step-by-step reactions and breaking them down to the second, noting all of the references to the ride. In other words, the previous comment highlights some true enthusiasm for the new "Haunted Mansion." In addition, fans of the Disney ride were also excited to see nods to the source material, like @_madmil and @bloodysnday. Others also couldn't contain their glee, such as @LucyRebelHeart, who tweeted, "I am so excited!!! Jamie Lee Curtis looks amazing! Hatbox Ghost is in it too! Omg I can't wait for Haunted Mansion!!!!" This new "Haunted Mansion" may shape up to be the next "Pirates of the Caribbean," paving the way for Disney to make more ride-based movies.