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Sofia Vergara Feared For Her Post-Modern Family Career (But Didn't Need To)

Despite being immensely popular with "Modern Family" viewers and having achieved so much during her time on the show, Sofia Vergara was not eager to experience life after the mockumentary-style sitcom ended.

Sofia Vergara appeared in TV shows and movies for over two decades, attaining over 40 credits. Of her many credits, the heavy favorite that undeniably eclipses the rest has to be "Modern Family." Vergara successfully flexed her acting skills and comedic abilities in 250 episodes of the series for over a decade. She not only made audiences laugh but also secured four nominations from both the Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy awards for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett as well an impressive total of eleven Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her character's outgoing attitude and exuberant energy added a hilarious dynamic, and there was always an abundance of laughs inspired by her side-splitting antics. The actress proudly played the comedic role, even though her onscreen persona had been criticized for being a stereotype. But Vergara doesn't seem to care and never lets that noise bother her.

Vergara may not be concerned with people's opinions regarding her TV personality, but she was somewhat worried about her future when her time on "Modern Family" was over.

The actress had some concerns about moving on from the show

Many stars accomplish great things after starring in a successful TV series, but not everyone is that fortunate. It can sometimes be difficult for actors to find their next job, even if their previous endeavor was a hit. This was a major concern for Sofia Vergara when "Modern Family" was coming to an end. "I was very worried," the actress said to Variety. "Like, 'What am I going to do next?' You know, as an actor, there is a very small percentage that you're going to find a show with that success, so I said that I am going to go and do the opposite because I know I won't find that again — and that's how I found 'AGT' ['America's Got Talent']."

Vergara was fortunate enough to land another gig not long after, and it just happened to be another hit with viewers. Since "Modern Family" ended, Vergara has been in over 60 episodes of "America's Got Talent." But as far as acting is concerned, Vergara will put her serious dramatic skills to the test in the Netflix series "Griselda" as the Columbian drug lord Griselda Blanco, according to a report from Variety. And she hasn't ruled out returning to the sitcom should it get some type of reboot or reunion somewhere down the line, saying, "Maybe in 30 years they can do again a 'Modern Family,' like now you know how it's in fashion?" While she may have been a bit nervous about leaving, Sofia Vergara has no fears about bringing back Gloria when the time is right for a "Modern Family" reboot.