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Modern Family's Sofía Vergara Doesn't Care About Gloria Being A Stereotype

"Modern Family" reinvigorated the television landscape with fresh depictions of an extended family in America. For 11 seasons, the esteemed comedy made audiences laugh and cry with relatable stories that fondly remind viewers of their own families. The heartwarming sitcom enlists a star-studded cast featuring Julie Bowen, Ed O'Neill, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and Sofía Vergara as a lovable bunch of misfits. 

The series repeatedly defies stereotypes with multifaceted characters, though that doesn't prevent viewers from forming their own opinions about its portrayals. Vergara, who plays Gloria, tends to shrug this off and even spoke against it. 

Initially, Gloria causes some strife in the family as Jay's (O'Neill) new, young wife. Her time as an outcast was short-lived, though, and she quickly becomes loved and accepted by her new relatives. Gloria even shares her Columbian culture, like her family's famous sauce, with them; although, some believe her character resembles an outdated caricature. 

Vergara addressed such while providing her own valuable insights that put the point in clearer context. In a revealing interview with Variety, Vergara explained the real-life inspiration for Gloria and the homegrown roots she based her character off of. 

Vergara portrays Gloria authentically from real influences

Sofía Vergara became a breakout fan-favorite on "Modern Family." Her standout performance as Gloria even resulted in four consecutive Emmy nominations to celebrate her memorable role. 

These stem from the authentic character she portrays with complex layers and engaging storylines that are far from stereotypical. Vergara herself is aware of these misconceptions and pays them no mind. 

"I always laughed about it because if Gloria was stereotypical, then that's just what I am," Vergara said to Variety. She continued by disclosing the real influences that inspired Gloria, "I created Gloria as a mixture of my mom and my aunt and the women that I grew up with in Colombia. They were loud. They were super intense. They were super colorful, super crazy, minding everybody's business, super passionate and loving." 

That's absolutely Gloria, down to the last manicured detail, which should dispel any notions of a stereotype. This heartwarming revelation paints Gloria in a new light that has even deeper familial roots than one may have originally realized. She ended the interview by emphasizing her indifference to the situation.

"If Gloria was a stereotypical woman, then what a magnificent stereotype," Vegara said. "What was wrong with being Gloria? She was fantastic. She cared about everyone. She loved everyone, even the kids that were not hers. She was always trying to help everyone." 

Gloria's character stands out because of this defining aspect, which highlights her unique qualities. This also highlights how she is not a stereotype and there is more to explore about Gloria, as Vergara could potentially see a "Modern Family" reboot happening decades down the road.