Outer Banks' Rudy Pankow Found Moments With JJ And His Father Terribly Draining

As the treasure hunter JJ Maybank on Netflix's hit series "Outer Banks," Rudy Pankow has brought charm and substance to a character that many fans have grown to admire. As the predictably unpredictable member of his ragtag group of adventurers known as the Pogues, he often makes rash decisions and occasionally engages in violent behavior. However, at least some of that problematic behavior can be tied to JJ's relationship with his dad, Luke Maybank (Gary Weeks). Luke is an addict and alcoholic, which causes considerable tension between him and JJ and inspires at least some of the latter's impulsiveness.

Additionally, Luke frequently subjects JJ to physical and emotional abuse. While JJ eventually bids his father farewell at the end of Season 2, he still finds himself moved to tears by the development. It seems at the time that JJ will never truly escape his father's influence. And even Pankow finds moments like these to be quite challenging.

Pankow had to get into an uncomfortable headspace before shooting scenes with JJ's dad

Despite all his familial strife, JJ constantly finds support and encouragement among his chosen family, the Pogues. He may act out sometimes, but he's loyal to those who love him and frequently does the right thing for his friends when faced with dilemmas. However, his scenes with his father are definitely low points for the character, and Rudy Pankow has spoken out about those potent dramatic moments.

"They're definitely the most draining," he told The Hollywood Reporter about the scenes with JJ's father. "I have to put on headphones to get to that headspace where his father is very manipulative and abusive. So I really enjoy getting my mental space to that very uncomfortable place because there's an honor and a responsibility to it that feels good."

Pankow also described JJ as intensely loyal and praised the character's growth, despite his occasional lapses — thus echoing the opinions of all the JJ fans out there. While it's still unclear where JJ may be headed in the recently announced "Outer Banks" Season 4, it's sure to be a wild ride for all involved. After that season finale, there may be more adventure on the horizon.