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Outer Banks' Austin North Doesn't Think Sarah Should Get With Topper Or John B

The following article contains general spoilers for "Outer Banks" Season 3.

Never let it be said that "Outer Banks" doesn't know how to keep its audience in breathless suspense. Much of Season 3 is devoted to the show's central group of Pogues continuing their never-ending quest for treasure as they continue to roam far from their North Carolina stomping grounds all the way to Barbados. A good amount of the action in Season 3 takes place in the latter locale, as the Pogues are rescued after running aground on a deserted island by mysterious benefactors. This results in John B. Routledge (Chase Stokes) confronting his father, Big John (Charles Halford), whose own presumed death proves to be greatly exaggerated.

As always, the show's central love triangle — between John B, Kook-turned-Pogue Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), and Sarah's Pogue-hating ex-boyfriend Topper (Austin North) — continues to percolate. Sarah and Topper indulge in some infidelity during Episode 6, muddying the waters between Sarah and John B, who had cemented their romantic relationship in Season 3 with a quasi-wedding ceremony. The show's many fans have taken sides in the show's three-sided conflict – John B is, after all, our reader's favorite character.  Even Madelyn Cline has weighed in to say she's team Sarah and John B! 

However, Austin North, the man behind Topper's sneer, doesn't think Sarah should settle down with either of her Romeos.

Austin North thinks Sarah might be manipulating Topper and John B against each other

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in February 2023, Austin North admits that he can't make up his mind as to which character should end up becoming Sarah's true love — before agreeing that Sarah might be playing her fellas against each other. Ultimately, however, he thinks that Topper needs to find a love of his own at this point.

"Obviously Topper's in a good place, I think maybe he needs to move on," he said. When the interviewer asked him if he thinks — without taking his character's point of view into accounting — Sarah and Topper should end up together or Sarah should keep romancing John B, North refused to take a side. The actor said, "I'm torn myself. I don't know." 

His lack of surety was circumvented by Drew Starkey, who plays Rafe Cameron on the show and took part in the interview with North. "I think neither," Starkey suggested.

"Neither," agreed North. "I think she's leading them both on. I don't think any of it's healthy! Because she's like, technically married to John B ... I think she needs to chill, she's like crazy. Maybe she needs to take some time alone!"

Fans will have to wait a while to see which guy Sarah picks — or if she really does decide to go it alone. "Outer Banks" was renewed for a fourth season on February 18 – before Season 3 was even released on Netflix — but the next batch of episodes has yet to begin filming.