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The Winchesters Fans Were Totally Creeped Out By The Clown In Episode 12

There are some highly strange phobias that some people deal with on a daily basis. There are people who have a fear of belly buttons (Omphalophobia) and others that suffer from a fear of vegetables (Lachanophobia). And although you might be someone who thinks the fear of clowns (Coulrophobia) is as rare as those examples just mentioned, you may be surprised at how far off you are. Time Magazine explains that the phobia is common for a good reason: Clowns' faces are essentially a disguise, showing an artificial emotion such as a fake smile, and this can spark a sense of mistrust. For the suspicious monster in Episode 12 of "The Winchesters," that would be the perfect description.

For those who don't know, "The Winchesters," the prequel spinoff series to the hit show "Supernatural," follows John (Jake Rodger) and Mary Winchester (Meg Donnelly) as they have their own battles with forces of evil. In this episode, the evil is Limbo the Clown, a creep who mentally imprisons his victims into his inner circle. 

Despite being set at a fun carnival, fans, whether they truly have Coulrophobia or are just vulnerable to highly uncomfortable strangers in disguise, were openly disturbed by the make-up-wearing lunatic. And when you look at reactions online, you can see that there may be more people out there who share this fear, making it not as unique as you might expect.

The episode digs right into this common fear

Over the years, the overall portrayal of clowns in TV and film has seemed to shift from a symbol of joy to a representation of fear. The film "Joker" shifted that classic DC character, previously established as a looney criminal, to a more tortured and unhinged maniac. Episode 12 ("The Tears of a Clown") of "The Winchesters" jumps on board with Hollywood's more sinister portrayals, even giving a nod to the "It" films by having a single red balloon walked across the screen. And if the purpose of this episode was meant to tap into some fans' worst fears, reactions online seem to show that the goal was surely achieved. 

After the episode aired, fans jumped onto social media eager to express their feelings about Limbo the Clown. On Twitter, @kunerksterphoto revealed, "I'm gonna continue to say I do not like clowns. Like at all. Nightmare fuel for me." @SinnerQueen7 had no argument with that assessment, writing, "Ah hell. The circus!! Hate clowns!!" YouTube commenter @marlenesheffield8777 enjoyed seeing the main characters in make-up with, "Creepy and hilarious episode; John and Mary as twisted, demented, smiling crazy killer clowns made me howl!" @miss_whoops, clearly a fan of the original "Supernatural" series, remembered that this wasn't the first time the franchise tapped into this sort of fear by pointing out, "This is so much scarier than 'Everybody Loves a Clown". These clowns are SO MUCH WORSE."