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Katie Findlay Can't Stop Complimenting Walker Independence Co-Star Mark Sheppard - Exclusive

"Walker Independence" actor Katherine McNamara told Looper that she wants more Mark Sheppard in her life — and she's not the only one. The love between the cast of The CW series is palpable, and Sheppard even gushed to Looper about how much he loves working with Katie Findlay. Well, the feeling is mutual. 

Sheppard plays Hagan on "Walker Independence," who acts as somewhat of a father figure to Findlay's fiercely outspoken character Kate. If you talk to either actor about working with the other, they're quick to list off a slew of compliments, and it's one of the most wholesome things you'll ever witness. 

The vibes on set are what make The CW shows work. The network has cultivated a family-first atmosphere between its many casts, and that love shows up in the final product. While Western sets are certainly fun in "Walker Independence," the chemistry and passion the cast has for each other and their characters makes this series remarkably special — just ask Katie Findlay. 

Looper spoke to Findlay during an exclusive interview where they gushed about their bond with Mark Sheppard, how much they love working with him, and why their takes with Sheppard often get teary-eyed.

Mark Sheppard is everyone's favorite person

At the mention of Sheppard, Findlay said, "Mark is one of my favorite people. I don't know what I did [to] be lucky enough to end up on a job where it's him and I all the time, but we did sit around together at work and notice these small kinships." They added, "We have the same faith. Sometimes we say the same things. We have a similar energy. We work so well together. He's so generous and loving with me in this work. Something about watching Mark feel feelings immediately makes me cry." 

The duo gets along so well that they can't stop crying during emotional takes — a testament to their connection on and off the screen. "I don't know if we have a past life or something, but I would do an entire show that's Kate and Hagan. They often have to cut around us weeping in a way that is not necessary for the scene," Findlay explained. "In Episode 10, when he's leaving, both of us eventually ended up quietly sobbing. The fact that they cut around it to [a] non-self-indulgent scene is remarkable to me, but I think it's because he comes in very unguarded."

Findlay noted Sheppard's emotional range, saying, "He comes in with all of his emotional texture, his life experience, the things that hurt him, [and] the things that he loves. They're very much front and center when he works, and I feel the same way."

A mutual feeling of adoration

"The softer parts of who we are fit together very well, and it's been a real gift and a pleasure getting to share space with him. He's the person to appreciate my ad-libs the most. Usually, when I do ad-libs, it's me being a Marx Brother by myself and for myself," Findlay continued. "Sometimes people think they're funny, but sometimes they're like, 'Yeah, Katie, we know you think you're hilarious.' Mark remembers all of them."

Findlay launched into a specific example, noting, "In the line in [Episode] 10, where I'm telling him what a shrew is, one of my alts was, 'A shrew's a small, mouse-like creature. There's only 16 of them in the world, and they're all named Richard.' He brings it back up to me every once in a while. He's a good guy." 

At the mention of Mark saying lovely things about Findlay as well, they said, "I'm telling you, it's mutual. I don't think they knew what they did, but they did it."

The season finale of "Walker Independence" airs on Thursday, March 2, and will stream for free on The CW app and website the next day.