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Outer Banks Fans Can't Get Over The Blatant Stunt Double Errors In Season 3

Netflix's "Outer Banks" is a series that exists in multiple genres. It is an addictive teenage-drama, a beguiling mystery, and not without its fair share of action-packed scenes throughout its three seasons. It is similar to shows like the British drama "Skins" with the adventure elements of "The Wilds" and "Teenage Bounty Hunters," all of which collide in season-long story arcs that take both the "Pogues" and the "Kooks" on a high-octane journey of intrigue. In Season 3, the action set-pieces were taken to an all-new level of intensity.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Austin North (Topper) described the action scenes for the new season as being on another degree of magnitude. With multiple sequences involving plane crashes, high-speed chases, and more, this is easy to see. 

While the group continuously runs for their lives as they hunt for treasure, the stunt crew for the actors likely had a rough time as well. In fact, there are some blatant stunt double errors in the third season that fans simply cannot get over.

Numerous fans are pointing out the editing gaffe showing multiple stunt doubles faces

Thanks to the energized happenings of "Outer Banks" Season 3, it is not surprising that stunt performers for the actors were also busy during production. There are also some noticeable gaffes from the editing department when it comes to showing the stunt doubles' faces that are quickly followed by the actor's faces in the next frame. What puzzled fans the most is that it is multiple actors and stunt actors that the team did not catch during post-production.

"This is the first time I've actually ever spotted a stunt double," @ravike_t posted on Twitter. "This is supposed to be Rafe Cameron." The viewer included a screenshot showing the stunt worker in place for actor Drew Starkey, which did not at all match the overall characteristics of the actor's face when compared to the stuntman's profile. 

Meanwhile, @BirtlesKacey pointed out and shared a clip that showed a stunt double for Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara. This was also visible in the same scene that Starkey's stunt double was seen in. These are just a few of the errors fans caught. "They didn't even try with the stunt doubles this season," @VICTORYSWRLD posted. 

While fans have caught numerous errors in "Outer Banks," this is far from the first time a popular show has had continuity blunders like this. After all, if "Games of Thrones" can have a coffee cup blunder, "Outer Banks" can be forgiven for some errors in editing.