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Michael B. Jordan's Friendship With Jonathan Majors Made Creed 3's Fights Better

Between Jonathan Majors' upstart Damian Anderson and Michael B. Jordan's returning champ Adonis Creed, there are plenty of enmities to be found on screen in "Creed III." Fresh out of prison, Damian finds himself on a new quest for fame and fortune — and with much to prove along the way. Adonis, meanwhile, has to defend his reputation as a reigning boxing talent, while risking his own personal well-being to fight his former friend. Neither man appears to have the upper hand, and neither man has a great chance of leaving the movie unscarred.

Meanwhile, there's been plenty of talk about Jordan's and Majors' off-screen friendship, as well. Majors admitted recently that he not only "got punched in the face about 100 times" during filming (via Variety), but that he also took some truly gleeful shots at Jordan during their fight scenes on set. However, Jordan also complimented Majors' talents, and this sort of camaraderie appears to have dominated the duo's off-screen rapport. Case in point: Jordan recently told Jimmy Kimmel that he and Majors remained friends even after accidentally hitting each other on camera.

Jordan and Majors found ways to roll with the punches while filming

While a typical professional relationship might have been tested by a stray punch to the face or chest during production, Jordan revealed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" that he and Majors actually kept filming even after accidentally hitting each other in scenes. He also said that his friendship with Majors made it easier to literally roll with the punches during those fight scenes.

"It's actually better that we like each other ... because we know we're not going to take anything personal," he said. "I think if we went into it and we hadn't been cool ... maybe a punch might have slipped a few more times." Jordan also found time to sing Majors' praises once again, saying, "He's a great guy, a wonderful actor ... he really brought a depth and a layer of complexity to the character."

That compliment should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen Majors' work as Kang in "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," but it will surely be a treat to see what Majors brings to Damian Anderson when "Creed III" premieres on March 3.