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Michael B. Jordan Has Words Of Praise For Jonathan Majors

As anybody from Philadelphia might be able to tell you, it is almost impossible to visit the Philadelphia Art Museum without seeing somebody run up the steps in a glorious homage to Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Speaking of channeling the spirit of the famous fictional boxer, the "Creed" franchise is a legacy series that follows Adonis "Donnie" Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son of Apollo Creed, who was one of Rocky's most famous fighting bouts. However, the very first "Creed" film shows off the interaction between both Adonis and Rocky, with Rocky being a mentor to the young fighter.

With "Creed III" premiering in early March 2023, this next installment is sure to reference previous "Rocky" movies while also introducing a new struggle for Adonis to overcome. This latest fight for Adonis will be against Anderson Dame (Jonathan Majors), who has put on some serious muscle mass for the role. The trailer for "Creed III" over on YouTube establishes the shared history between the two characters, and it definitely looks like there is some bad blood. Speaking with Variety, Majors talked about what it was like preparing for the role and said how his hands got so big that he struggled with wristbands, adding, "I got punched in the face about 100 times, but it's all OK!" It seems, though, that even though Majors and Jordan are fighting each other in this upcoming movie, Jordan has nothing but positive things to say about Majors.

Michael B. Jordan says that working with Jonathan Majors taught him a great deal about being a director

In an interview with Collider, Michael B. Jordan was asked what it was like to have Tessa Thompson back and to be working with Jonathan Majors in "Creed III," to which the actor replied, "First of all, Jonathan Majors is incredible. We're very blessed and lucky to have him be a part of this story. For me, as a director, just to have that running mate and partner made all the difference in the world. He's extremely talented. The world is finding out, daily, how incredible this man is and the work that he does is finally getting the props that it's due. Jonathan was incredible. He showed up every day, ready to go to war and ready to work."

He continued and spoke about what it was like being in the director's chair for the first time and that both he and Majors bonded. Jordan then added that he truly understands the dynamic between director and actor and that the relationship between himself and Majors is a friendship that will last forever. He continued to heap praise on Majors, and said that he was lucky to have such a person at his side throughout the filmmaking process. In other words, even though Jordan and Majors will be beating each other into a pulp in "Creed III," the two actually bonded over the experience, with Jordan having nothing but exceptionally kind words for his fellow co-star.