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Outer Banks' Chase Stokes Suffered The Jungle's Wrath While Filming S3's Finale

"Outer Banks" may be named for the scenic North Carolina coastline, but the wildly popular Netflix series has extended far beyond the reaches of the East Coast shores. The recently released third season follows the scrappy, working-class Pogues — John B (Chase Stokes), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) — plus some nefarious Kooks on an island-spanning treasure hunt.

Season 3 begins on a deserted island, affectionately dubbed "Poguelandia," and continues on to visit other Caribbean islands and locales in South America. With a squadron of armed baddies after them, though, the Pogues don't have much time for sunbathing. The strenuous, stunt-filled shoots proved to be just as taxing for the "Outer Banks" cast, who had to contend with fake plane crashes and overnight arson shoots. Chase Stokes' Season 3 experience was especially draining, and the actor sustained a concussion at the hands of his co-star Rudy Pankow. Even the jungle seemed determined to give Stokes a rough time.

The elements conspired against Chase Stokes in Barbados

The "Outer Banks" Season 3 finale is a high-octane, emotional affair. For Chase Stokes, who plays Looper readers' favorite "Outer Banks" character, filming the final episode meant contending with the jungle itself. "This show takes a lot of effort," the actor said in an appearance on "The Tonight Show." "Physical effort, exertion. We shot in Barbados this year, and we were in the jungle for an extended period of time. There was one day in particular where the universe just decided to not work in my favor."

After filming a particularly exhausting stunt, Stokes leaned against a tree to take a breather. "The next thing you know, my arm is on fire. I'm like, 'What is going on?' One of our Bajan crew members looks at me and he says, 'That's poison tree sap, and it's all over your arm.'" Stokes was able to alleviate the burning sensation with an ointment cocktail before the jungle delivered its next blow. "I'm talking to my director," Stokes continued, "and I feel something hit me in the back of the head." The offending projectile was a bird. "So I got attacked by a bird after the poison tree sap," recalled the exasperated actor. "I'm just trying to make a TV show."

Things seemed to be looking up when some rain arrived to cut through the jungle's oppressive humidity. Unfortunately, Stokes wasn't so lucky. "I look up, and immediately [a crewmember] says, 'Nope, not rain, that's monkeys peeing.' And a monkey literally pees directly in my eyeball." 

The "Outer Banks" finale sets up the series for a Season 4 return. If Stokes is lucky, it won't take place in the jungle.