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Ted Lasso Fans Are Buzzing Over The Chelsea Goal In Season 3's Trailer

Everyone's favorite college-football-turned-Premier-league coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is back, with Season 3 coming to AppleTV+ later this year. Apple released the Season 3 trailer earlier this week, giving audiences their first looks at "Ted Lasso" since its Season 2 finale in 2021.

Of course, everything isn't fun and games in "Ted Lasso," as Season 3 will further explore Nate (Nick Mohammed) and Ted's relationship after the former left Richmond for the head coaching spot at West Ham United. Nate is not looking too great in the Season 3 trailer, continuing one of TV's best heel turns in recent memory. There's not a lot in terms of plot in the trailer, but it's more than enough to get fans excited for the Emmy-award-winning show's return.

Going forward, one of the most significant plot points will be AFC Richmond's battle within the Premier League, following the club's promotion at the end of the previous season. On a positive note, it looks like the team has a new captain, with Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh) sporting the leadership armband in the trailer. However, Richmond seems to be struggling with its elevated standings, as the trailer shows them losing in a match against Chelsea. Regardless of the outcome, "Ted Lasso" fans will rally behind their club, poking fun at Chelsea's fictionalized team, which looks much better than its current Premier League roster.

Chelsea is catching strays after the Ted Lasso season 3 trailer

While the "Ted Lasso" Season 3 trailer built the hype for the comedy's return to AppleTV+, fans couldn't help but notice how much better Chelsea looked in the preview than their real-life Premier League standings. On Reddit, u/canseco-fart-box wrote, "You know it's a fictional show because it shows Chelsea scoring a goal," while u/Shaymin7127 said, "The Chelsea team in the show is about to score a goal more recently than the Chelsea team IRL." The hilarious pivot to roast Chelsea came as a surprise, but even fans of the club couldn't be angry at their team's poor performance this season. While the comments were unnecessarily savage, real-life fans of the club, like u/phatelectribe, had to admit the jabs were funny.

"Ted Lasso" fans on Twitter had no more love to give to Chelsea, going all-in on the club's difference between the fictional and real world. User @MercFootball pointed out that the goal in the Season 3 trailer gives the club one more nominee for "Goal of the Month," bringing their month-long scoring total to two. Meanwhile, @Puli505 couldn't help but wonder if the series will mimic reality, saying, "Imagine if Chelsea loses even in the 'Ted Lasso' universe."

If that wasn't enough, @jdotold24 noted that while many may think "Ted Lasso" tells the story of a real Premier League team, Chelsea's goal in the trailer proves that the show is purely a work of fiction. Others, like @Russell___Smith, jokingly said the show needs to ground itself in reality, saying, "'Ted Lasso' has officially jumped the shark. This trailer shows Chelsea scoring a goal at Stamford Bridge. Pure fantasy."