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Mayans MC: Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Series Releases First Teaser

Mayans MC is gearing up to ride out on FX this fall, and the network just released the first teaser for the upcoming series. 

Set to a Spanish cover of "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones, the first-look footage at Mayans MC establishes the intense tone the series will carry. 

A spinoff of Sons of AnarchyMayans MC centers on — you guessed it — the Mayans, featured players in the award-winning Kurt Sutter-created drama series that ran for seven blistering seasons. Mayans MC takes place two and a half years after Sons of Anarchy, set in a "post Jax Teller world, where EZ Reyes [played by J.D. Pardo] is a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the Cali/Mexi border." EZ, now yearning for a solid purpose, must "carve out his new outlaw identity in a town where he once was the golden boy with the American Dream in his grasp."

Created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, Mayans MC features a stacked cast: Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes, Jacqueline Obradors as Marisol Reyes, Antonio Jaramillo as Michael "Riz" Ariza, Richard Cabral as Johnny "El Coco" Cruz, Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes, Sarah Bolger as Emily, Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez, Joseph Raymond Lucero as Neron "Creeper" Vargas, Frankie Loyal Delgado as Hank "El Tranq" Loza, Carla Baratta as Adelita, John Ortiz as Esai "Taino" Osorio, Maurice Compte as Kevin Jimenez, Efrat Dor as Katrina, Alexandra Barreto as Antonia Pena, Raoul Trujillo as Che "Taza" Romero, Michael Irby as Obispo "Bishop" Losa, Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo, and Vincent "Rocco" Vargas as Gilberto "Gilly" Lopez. Gino Vento and Tony Plana round out the roster as recurring characters Nester and Devante, respectively. 

The 10-episode first season of Mayans MC will debut on FX later this year.