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Seth Green's Favorite Family Guy Joke Involves Star Wars And A Couch

The journey of "Family Guy" is an odd one. The Seth MacFarlane-created series has carved out a corner of pop culture all to itself, but unlike most long-running, successful shows, "Family Guy" survived a cancellation. The show returned to the network in 2005 after selling more than 3.5 million DVDs (remember those?). Then-20th Century Fox president Gary Newman once recalled visiting Yale University after the cancellation and finding a good portion of questions were about "Family Guy."

The constant cutaway gag humor of "Family Guy" makes it an easy-to-digest show that has evolved from repeat viewings on DVD by college kids to becoming basically a meme machine. It's got hundreds of episodes in the bank, so there is a wealth of moments to choose from, and Fox renewed the show through the 2024-2025 season before its 21st season even finished airing.

Surprisingly, even amongst a vast sea of long-running comedy, some of the cast can pinpoint specific moments as some of their favorites. Seth Green has been on the series since the beginning as Chris Griffin, an angsty teenager dealing with everyday teenage issues like trying to get a date and some not-so-normal ones like dealing with the monkey in his closet. In an interview on "Family Guy" passing 400 episodes, Green revealed his favorite "Family Guy" moment is one fans will likely recognize.

Seth Green's favorite Family Guy moment is the famous Star Wars couch gag

In a November 2022 interview with The Hollywood Reporter celebrating "Family Guy" reaching 400 episodes, Seth Green revealed his favorite moment from the show came from its first "Star Wars" parody titled "Blue Harvest."

The extended episode was the premiere for "Family Guy" Season 6 in 2007 and it's got its fair share of classic "Family Guy" gags. Green's favorite of those moments is a scene where Peter Griffin (filling the Han Solo role) decides to take an abandoned couch in a trash compactor. Peter's spur of the moment decision leads to him and Green's Chris Griffin (in the Luke Skywalker role) bickering about how to get the ratty furniture through a doorway.

"I love the couch gag between Chris and Peter in the 'Star Wars' episode. Just the whole decision in the garbage compactor to be like, 'You know what? I'm taking this couch.' I don't know why that gets me so good. And then all of their efforts to try and get the couch out of the space: 'Well, we're just going to have to take off the cushions.' It's so funny," Green told The Hollywood Reporter.