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Grey's Anatomy Star Chyler Leigh Probably Slipped By You On That '80s Show

Actress Chyler Leigh has been a fixture of TV since her debut in the late '90s. She is probably most well known for her portrayal of Dr. Lexie Grey, half-sister to series lead Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), in ABC's popular medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy," where she was a series regular from 2007-2012. She would later go on to play Alex Danvers in the DC's shows "Arrow," "Legends of Tomorrow," "Supergirl," and "The Flash." 

On the big screen, Leigh is best known for playing Janey Briggs in the 2001 film "Not Another Teen Movie," her first tiptoe into spoofing the '80s. One forgotten sitcom that may have slipped by fans was a launch pad for a slew of up-and-coming celebrities. Premiering during the midseason of Fox's 2002 programming was "That '80s Show," a natural follow-up to the network's ultra-successful "That '70s Show." The show was canceled after only one season, consisting of 13 episodes, and was never released on streaming or physical media.

Although the series was created by Mark Brazill, Terry Turner, and Bonnie Turner, the creative minds behind "That '70s Show," and it shared a structure and writing team from the previous entry in the franchise, no characters or storylines crossed paths between the two shows. "That '80s Show" was not as well received by fans and was largely panned by critics.

Chyler Leigh sported an over-the-top punk look for her role in the forgotten That '80s Show

Chyler Leigh played June Tuesday, a liberty-spike mohawk and piercing laden caricature of an '80s punk, in the 1984-set "That '80s Show." She stated in an interview with The Daily Reporter, that it took 35 minutes and 9 pounds of hair spray to get her hair just right, a process which she said helped her get into character. June had a will-they-won't-they romantic relationship with struggling musician Corey Howard, played by "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" actor and co-creator Glenn Howerton.

The two characters worked together at Permanent Record, a vinyl shop where the series is primarily set. Corey recently broke up with his girlfriend Sophia, played by "Club Dread" and "White Chicks" actress Brittany Daniel, leading to his new romantic interest in June. Interestingly, Brittany Daniel appeared in a 2002 episode of "That 70s Show," playing the titular character in the episode "Eric's Hot Cousin," but her character in that series has no relation to the one she plays in "That '80s Show."

Those three lead characters in the show live in San Diego, California, and the show's main plot deals with them coming of age and deciding between working towards their artistic pursuits and their monetary gains. As expected for a show satirizing the decade of excess, Reaganism, dance clubs, and decade specific cameos such as pop singer Tiffany and Morgan Fairchild occur throughout the season. The series ends with Corey asking June to move in with him. Fans may never know what happens to the main characters from "That 80s Show," but there has been a renewed interest in the series among fans because of the release of Netflix's "That '90s Show."