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Chicago Med Fans Praise Asher For Going Above And Beyond For Her Patients

It's easy for fans to suddenly find themselves connected to a character on a show that they've invested time in. This emotional link is much more possible when the show itself reflects real-life situations in addition to the relatable characters. One show that checks these boxes is "Chicago Med," which has been going strong for eight seasons and counting and is part of the One Chicago franchise.

For fans, not only do they tune in to see how each medical professional handles emergency situations, but they also root for the ones they believe deserve proper praise. One of the many characters that fans can and have developed this type of connection to is Dr. Hannah Asher, the obstetrician/gynecologist played by Jessy Schram.

Schram jumped on board the series in the middle of Season 5 as Dr. Asher, a doctor secretly dealing with an addiction to heroin. The character's battle with addiction combined with the stresses of the medical field, gives Dr. Asher a vulnerability that appeals to many fans watching at home. They've seen Dr. Asher through a tumultuous relationship with series regular Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), as well as a comeback following substance abuse rehab. 

As Schram's character continues on with her professional and personal challenges, fans cannot help but zero-in on how she goes above and beyond for her patients' care. When one looks at comments posted online, it's obvious that many "Chicago Med" loyalists are rooting for her.

Dr. Hannah Asher helps all she can, despite her own struggles

Being that the storylines of NBC's "Chicago Med" revolve around real-life situations that affect both patients and doctors, it's no surprise that fans at home publicly praise their favorite characters. One of them is Dr. Hannah Asher, who personally struggles with drug addiction. Meanwhile, fans predict a potential relationship blossoming between her and Dr. Dean Archer (Stephen Weber). Fans also appreciate Dr. Asher's triumphs over her issues and how she still cares so much about her patients's well being. 

"There's nobody I'd rather have in the delivery room with me than Asher," @barrettmarlyne posted on Twitter.

Appreciating the help she received with her addictions, Dr. Asher clearly wants to pay that forward. Both @it_carley413 and @GennaOnTheMark quote one specific line from Dr. Asher in reference to a patient she is helping: "People didn't give up on me, so I am not giving up on Liza." It's moments like these that give fans a reason to publicly appreciate the character. 

"She's put in the hard work on herself," Flame the Dark True Salt commented on YouTube, "devoted herself to her sobriety, and is earning back the trust of her colleagues." 

With this kind of praise and admiration for how she goes above and beyond, hopefully fans will see more of Dr. Asher in future episodes.