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Warrior Nun Almost Turned Into The Flying Nun When A Stunt Went Awry

For two seasons before its premature, and to some Halo Bearers, blasphemously unjust cancellation, Kristina Tonteri-Young portrayed the kind (and kind of badass) Sister Beatrice on Netflix's cult action series "Warrior Nun." Though she and her co-stars consistently made demon slaying look easy, some scenes involved a few close scrapes with injuries. 

In an interview with film analyst and YouTuber AngeChats, Tonteri-Young got a chance to reveal her favorite behind-the-scenes gaffs, most of which occurred while filming stunts. "Obviously, there's one where I fell down in the aisles," she explains, listing injuries as though they were points on her resume. "Then, there was the one where I hit my head on the door which was closing, and I was too slow to get to it ... There's a bunch of them in the stunt sequences, where stuff just happens ... Like, you accidentally actually hit someone or someone accidentally almost hits you because you're still bewildered because so much is going on around you."

She chuckles with the host as she tries to remember each humorous mishap from the set until one memory enters her brain so clearly that she nearly gasps. "Oh my goodness... There is one..." she teases ominously. "One day, I will post the video of this. There is a video."

Ava flew just a little too close to the sun

"It was the first time that [Ava actor Alba Baptista] and I were being flown up after the fight sequence in the church," Kristina Tonteri-Young explains to AngeChats. The sequence she's referencing is almost certainly the climactic battle of Season 2, Episode 4, "Corinthians 10:20-21," in which Ava and Beatrice barely escape a Terrask (the interdimensional monsters that regularly plague the series' heroes).

When it came time to film Ava and Beatrice's flight, they first had their respective stunt doubles rehearse the maneuver (which involved both actors being flung toward the sky with wires). "Everything was fine," she recalls of the rehearsal. However, when it was finally Tonteri-Young and Baptista's turn, things went hilariously awry. "Our weight is not exactly the same as our stunt doubles' weight," the actor states. "We were being, obviously, manually hoisted up into the air with the rigs and everything. And then, they put us into the harnesses, and Alba went flying up into the air like a rocket, and I was like dragging on the ground."

Based on her account alone, whoever was in charge of yanking the women into the air was doing so with too much force. Thankfully, no nuns were injured while shooting this scene — though it did complicate filming in other ways. "Obviously, we immediately started laughing like maniacs," Tonteri-Young remembers. "We're laughing through this scene that's supposed to be so serious."