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Daisy Ridley's Interactions With Star Wars Fans Left A Lasting Impression

"Star Wars" has undoubtedly become a celebrated part of film history. The space opera adventure became a worldwide sensation upon its release in 1977. It's hard to quantify why this franchise speaks to so many people. BFI's Anton Bitel offered up a few reasons why "Star Wars" remains timeless. "Part of its appeal is as a boy's own adventure set against a vast, dangerous cosmos," he wrote, "but the characters' resistance to tyranny also accommodates much grounded critique of 20th-century U.S. imperialism."

The film franchise continues to introduce new characters and storylines through films as well as series. While some connect to favorites, others have made a name for themselves with completely original journeys — this also means the "Star Wars" fanbase consistently grows with each new generation. Sadly, the expanded community of devotees has also brought some significant problems. Some come in the form of blunt criticism while others go into disturbing areas such as racism, homophobia, and sexism. Many have spoken out about this issue, and one of its stars is again addressing this troubling aspect.

Daisy Ridley avoids social media after Star Wars

Daisy Ridley rose to stardom after she was cast as Rey in a new "Star Wars" trilogy. The first film — directed by J.J. Abrams — drew attention thanks to its ties to the original trio from "A New Hope:" Leia, Han, and Luke. It was not only a pivotal point for Ridley, but the casting of John Boyega and Oscar Issac meant three talented performers were about to be catapulted into an experience most actors will never know. Over the course of three films, the newcomers to a galaxy far, far away began to experience both the good and bad that comes with a major fandom. Unfortunately, what came with the darker side of fandom was more than they ever expected.

As some of her cast members received an onslaught of online hate, Ridley found a simple way to avoid that element. Staying off social media and steering clear of related discussions made it easier to navigate the negativity. Nevertheless, the actress went through an abundance of unpleasant encounters. "Random people in the street would be so open with their opinions and I would be like, 'I'm good. I don't need to hear that,'" she told Rolling Stone in January 2023. For Ridley, it all came down to treating the cast like human beings. Her concerns stretched to common courtesies that would go out the window when strangers came up to criticize the actress or her film.

While Ridley had previously hinted that she wouldn't want to return to "Star Wars," she said she was open to it earlier in February.