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Beth And Rip's S3 Breakfast Scene Stands Out As Peak Yellowstone

It's hardly controversial to argue that Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) are the best couple on "Yellowstone," the cable TV smash hit modern Western drama. Beth, of course, is one of the biggest personalities on a show full of them, sometimes leading to her coming to literal blows with those with whom she ends up at odds. Rip, meanwhile, is something of a calming presence in Beth's life, and their long-simmering romance is already a mainstay of both of their lives by the series' present day.

Reilly herself is among the numerous fans of Beth and Rip's pairing. In one interview, Reilly hoped for a better future for Beth and Rip, wishing that the two could live together peacefully, away from the very sorts of dramatic tension that makes for good TV. With that in mind, it's unsurprising that Reilly's favorite Beth and Rip moment from throughout all of "Yellowstone" is a quiet scene from Season 3 in which Rip cooks breakfast for Beth. In fact, as it's characterized in a behind-the-scenes video, this Season 3 breakfast scene is not just among the best moments for the series' number one couple, but one of the best from throughout "Yellowstone" in its ongoing history.

Yellowstone's cast, crew, and fanbase all love Beth and Rip's breakfast scene

In a behind-the-scenes video largely about Beth and Rip's romance with one another on the official "Yellowstone" YouTube channel, Beth actor Kelly Reilly, Rip actor Cole Hauser, and series creator Taylor Sheridan all describe the Season 3 breakfast scene as a series highlight.

In Reilly's estimation, the scene is significant for Beth because she's unaccustomed to showing vulnerability. By appearing in front of Rip in pajamas and enjoying a meal he made for her, she's letting her guard down uncharacteristically, as an act of love. Sheridan, meanwhile, highlights how their dynamic subverts typical gender roles, while remaining true to Rip's masculinity and Beth's femininity.

Furthermore, in the comments section beneath the video, numerous fans praised the breakfast scene in similarly glowing terms. User @dawnmarie506, for example, shared that the scene made them cry. "Kelly was absolutely AMAZING in the breakfast scene, makes you fall in love with her," wrote user @thetowerambience, in one among numerous other comments expressing such sentiments.

Based on how those involved and those who watched the final product alike all speak of it, then, Beth and Rip's Season 3 breakfast scene seems to remain an inarguable "Yellowstone" high point to this day.