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Brandon Scott Jones Knows Which Actor Nailed Their Ghosts Character From The Get-Go (And It Wasn't Him)

Part of the fun of CBS's reboot of the BBC One series "Ghosts" is the ensemble cast of eclectic ghost characters that all have their own distinct personalities. The show is about a pair of New York newlyweds who inherit a palatial country estate and decide to fix it up. Prior to their arrival, one of the newlyweds, Sam (Rose McIver), suffers a near-death experience. The accident gives her the ability to see spirits who have not moved on to the afterlife. Unlucky for her and her husband, their new mansion is haunted.

One of the main characters from the show is Captain Isaac Higgintoot, played by Brandon Scott Jones. Isaac is a former Captain from the Revolutionary War and was mostly forgotten by American history. Since he died of dysentery, if he passes through a living person, they smell a foul odor in the air. 

Isaac finally receives a moment of pathos when, after centuries of being a ghost, he comes out and admits his love for Nigel (John Hartman), another war officer who Isaac accidentally killed. While Higgintoot is beloved, Jones admitted he wasn't the first to nail down his character on set and gave praise to the actor who did.

Brandon Scott Jones found a commander on set to follow hot on the heels of

Brandon Scott Jones admitted who nailed their character in the show from the very beginning. He said Rebecca Wisocky, who plays the former lady of the manor Hetty Woodstone, inhabited her character from the get-go. 

"I feel like [Wisocky] came in and just had this character down pat," Jones told Collider. "The way she just moved through the space, the way she held her body, it was really, really awesome to watch."

Jones noticed her acting prowess all the way back when they filmed the pilot episode. He also accredited her success in finding the character to all the heavy research Wisocky did. 

"She knows everything, knows that character front to back," Jones said. "She kind of put it out there and just ... held the room together with that character." 

It sounds as if Wisocky was able to inspire the cast, too. Jones was even able to base his performance on hers because Wisocky showed how Hetty feels as if she belongs amongst the group, while Isaac aspires to reach such heights. 

"[Hetty] had the most status," Jones said, "but [Isaac] was the character that wanted the most status." 

It seemed fitting that when Isaac finally admitted the truth about his relationship with his former colleague that he confided in Hetty. Now, their relationship is stronger than ever, and fans will have to see where their story picks up when Season 2 of the hit show continues throughout 2023.