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Modern Family Fans Are Divided Over Gloria's Constant Yelling

Sofia Vergara is unforgettable as Gloria Pritchett during her 250 episodes on ABC's long-running hit series "Modern Family." Playing a Columbian-born beauty transplanted to the strange, new world of suburban Los Angeles, Gloria could be counted on to bring her tough love and innovative approach to the English language and family life she shares with husband Jay (Ed O'Neill), son Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and, in Season 4 and later, second son Joe, (played in the show's final years by Jeremy Maguire).

In a series celebrated for its whip-smart comedy, Vergara creates a standout character who combines an unfamiliarity with American ways with immense self-confidence and honesty, resulting in a reliably hilarious take on the stereotypical sitcom trophy-wife trope. Fiercely devoted to her children and supportive of almost all the extended Pritchett family but viscerally revolted by Ed's pet French bulldog Stella, Gloria is a woman with strong opinions, a fiery temper, and, most of the time, an inability to hide her true feelings. But the truth is, those feelings frequently find expression at an elevated decibel level. So, how do fans feel about Gloria getting loud on "Modern Family"?

Some fans are fine with high-volume Gloria, others not so much

In her 11 seasons on ABC's "Modern Family," Sofia Vergara's Gloria Pritchett could often be found in situations where her incredible temper results in her conversational sound level spiking to 10.

For Redditor u/Princess_Rhaenyra, the issue prompted a post on the show's subreddit where they asked, "Did Gloria's yelling ever get annoying to you?" In reply, series' fan u/SleepySleepersn seemed to be unphased by the character's penchant for yelling, writing, "never because she's so good at it lol, she's funny with it," followed by a trademark Gloria all-caps shout: "YOU PUT EGG ON MY HOUSE! I KILL WHAT YOU LOVE!" Redditor u/Interesting-Track376 joined the thread to agree they were anything but bothered with Gloria's loudness, taking it up a notch to say they loved it.

But not every "Modern Family" fan finds Gloria's hollering to be all that enjoyable. u/Kitkatt1959 responded to the Reddit query to say, "Omg! Yes!!!! Every season it got worse. Even the neighbor thought they had a parrot." Likewise, Redditor u/Glass_Paint4600 was clearly done with Gloria's high-volume ranting, saying they found it very annoying and then adding, "I already find her voice annoying, so her never admitting to being wrong, added to her yelling is almost nails on a chalkboard for me. Don't get me started on her singing."