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Young Sheldon's Raegan Revord Wasn't Held Back By Missy's Portrayal On The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from "The Big Bang Theory" is known for his eccentric personality. Although he isn't always the most likable guy, a lot of his quirks make sense once you learn more about his past, made possible through "Young Sheldon." While some viewers might write off the spin-off as just another sitcom, it does a lot to humanize its titular character, as well as the Cooper family as a whole. Viewers get a chance to meet younger versions of not only Sheldon's mother, brother, and maternal grandmother, but also Sheldon's twin sister.

Unfortunately, the adult Missy (Courtney Henggeler) paints a lackluster view of the character's future. While the prequel series makes it clear that Missy (Raegan Revord) and Sheldon (Iain Armitage) are both clever, just in very different ways, Sheldon ends up becoming a theoretical physicist whereas Missy struggles to find her way. Some "Young Sheldon" fans can't help but feel bad for Missy, but Revord didn't let the character's trajectory stop her from making Missy her own.

Raegan Revord was able to portray Missy in her own way

Missy is characterized as a quick-witted child with keen social skills. She's essentially Sheldon's opposite, which proves to be either a help or a hindrance depending on the situation. Unlike her twin brother, Missy isn't academically inclined, a facet of her character that carries over into adulthood. Luckily, Raegan Revord didn't let anything limit her portrayal of Missy. Instead, the minds behind the series gave her room to make her own mark on the character.

In an interview with Popternative, Revord explained that finding the balance between the younger version of Missy and the woman audiences meet on "The Big Bang Theory" was simple because she was allowed to approach the role on her own terms. "I feel like whenever Missy was [on] 'The Big Bang Theory,' she wasn't such a prominent character that you got to learn every angle of her. So it was nice to be able to make it my own," Revord explained. "I was able to create Missy. I watched clips of older Missy to see how she was, but then I was also able to add my own take on the character as well."

This tactic was a smart move since it allows Revord to make Missy more relatable. The young actor's portrayal not only adds context to the character's actions later in life but also gives greater meaning to Missy and Sheldon's bond.