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The Star Wars Community Breathed A Sigh Of Relief At Omega's Updated Design

Unlike many other billion-dollar franchises, "Star Wars" masterfully utilizes animation to expand its universe past the Outer Rim. The studio's foray really started with "The Clone Wars" in 2008, with more shows quickly following suit. Some projects, like "Rebels," continued bringing in new characters to the ever-growing franchise, while others, like "Tales of the Jedi," further detailed the stories of some fan favorites.

"The Bad Batch" follows suit of the former, introducing fans to a group of elite clone troopers as it intertwines its story with the prequels, taking fans back to the days of George Lucas's "Star Wars." The group, consisting of Hunter, Wrecker Tech, and Echo, become fugitives of the Empire, bringing a young female clone, Omega, along with them. "The Bad Batch"

While "The Bad Batch" tells a very grounded story of survival, there's one aspect that fans couldn't look past in Season 1: Omega's outfit. The child finds a home with the veteran soldiers and accompanies them on many dangerous missions. Because of that, one would assume the former clone troopers would give their young companion a suitable costume for protection, but that never happened in Season 1. While it wasn't like "Star Wars" put Omega in a ridiculously revealing outfit or anything, her robes offered absolutely zero protection from the blaster fire that was constantly coming her way. Thankfully, Dave Filoni corrected that in Season 2, as fans see Omega in a new costume fitting for her situation, and they couldn't be more relieved.

Omega got an appropriate costume, finally!

"The Bad Batch" Season 2 brought back everyone's favorite clones-turned-fugitives, and fans loved Omega's updated design. The young clone finally gets rid of her tan and blue Kamino robes for a more fitting gray outfit to protect her while she's running from the Empire. Dave Filoni and crew even gave her a helmet, correcting fans' long-standing complaints about the series.

Omega voice actress Michelle Ang, who couldn't be happier to return for Season 2, commented on her character's new costume, telling IGN, "She's also upskilled a little bit and wearing a more appropriate costume and got a good helmet." Producer Brad Rau pointed out Omega's new design, saying she's grown up a little bit, and the squad saved up enough money to get her a proper outfit, jokingly mentioning that she's not running around in pajamas anymore.

Before Season 2, u/MayIServeYouWell took to the "Star Wars" subreddit to plead for some armor for Omega, outlying their issues with her costume at the time. "The rest of the batch is armored [and armed] like crazy, and their weakest member wears a t-shirt, no helmet, and has only a bow for defense?" they questioned. u/dyingbraverthanmost agreed, saying it doesn't make any sense in the show's context, replying, "Hunter is all concerned about bringing a child into battle – and even makes sure she has a weapon and knows how to use it – but does not give her armor?" u/mbdom1 brought up a good point, relating Omega's costume to Ahsoka's in "The Clone Wars," showing that it's become a trend in "Star Wars." Thankfully, these fans have one less thing to worry about since "The Bad Batch" has outfitted Omega with a more than proper outfit to protect her from the Empire.