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Milo Ventimiglia's 'Crooked Mouth' Helped Sylvester Stallone Realize He Was Right For The Role Of Rocky Jr.

It was already pretty easy to love Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) after the 1976 classic "Rocky." But Sylvester Stallone's iconic character became even more relatable when 1979's "Rocky II" introduced his son, Robert Balboa Jr., to the picture. While Robert's persona up to "Rocky V" (where he was played by Sylvester's real-life son, the late Sage Stallone) was more or less that of a stereotypical child character, it would the franchise's sixth installment, "Rocky Balboa" where Robert would see some interesting character development. Feeling that his father's massive legacy has cast a shadow over him making his own, Robert's subsequent conflict with Rocky made for some of the most memorable moments in the entire franchise

In both "Rocky Balboa" and 2018's "Creed II," Robert is portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia. Just as the franchise itself was evolving for a new generation, Ventimiglia was tasked with elevating Robert to become a more believable and troubled individual whose struggles audiences could identify with. It's hard to say that he failed and it's even harder to imagine anyone else taking on the part. But alongside his obvious talent, Ventimiglia brought something more unexpected to the table that caught Stallone's eye.

Ventimiglia's unique lip seemed very familiar

The troubled relationship between Rocky Balboa and his son Robert was the beating heart of "Rocky Balboa" and came to a sweet conclusion in "Creed II." No matter how hard things got between the two, they always proved their love for one another in the end. But while the actors' chemistry helped audiences believe in their relationship, Sylvester Stallone apparently believes there's an aspect to Milo Ventimiglia's appearance that adds the perfect cherry on top. 

In a recent interview with The View, Ventimiglia brought up the funny coincidence that Stallone noticed when they first met. "I think looking alike actually worked to my advantage in getting the role," "The Company You Keep" star explains. "I had a meeting with Sly  ... and he said something and I started laughing and he goes, 'oh wow your lip it even hooks down like mine's does' ... " For Ventimiglia and Stallone, the odd resemblance was practically destiny, with Ventimiglia adding, " ... he found common ground in our crooked mouths and there we go." 

While Rocky and Robert's story seems to have come to its close, that's far from the end of the franchise as a whole. "Creed III," the upcoming installment of both the "Rocky" and "Creed" series, will see Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed return to the ring and experience his own adventures in fatherhood.