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12 Most Disturbing Moments In Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey, Ranked

The internet was buzzing when it was announced that there was a film in the works depicting beloved children's characters Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet as ravenous slashers. Now, "Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey" has finally hit theaters and delivers gore galore. The film follows Pooh (Craig David Dowsett) and Piglet (Chris Cordell), having monstrous killers who go on the hunt for Christopher Robin (Nikolai Leon) after he leaves them for college. With a group of college girls staying in a cabin near the Hundred Acre Wood, the night turns into a total bloodbath with Pooh and Piglet delivering an all-out massacre.

This film was made possible when A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard's "Winnie-the-Pooh" books became public domain, and director Rhys Frake-Waterfield spares no childhoods in turning innocent characters like Pooh and Piglet into vicious serial killers. Their looks, especially Pooh's, instill full-body chills as the pair paint the Hundred Acre Woods red throughout the night. Seriously, Pooh and Piglet are real sickos in "Blood and Honey" and they enact some nasty kills so the film can live up to its name. So, let's delve into the most disturbing moments and goriest kills in "Blood and Honey" to see how twisted Pooh and Piglet have become.

12. First Blood

Even though Christopher Robin has been away from the Hundred Acre Wood for many years, he's more excited than ever to reunite with Pooh and Piglet. He's even ready to introduce his skeptical fiancée Mary (Paula Coiz) to Pooh and his friends. However, upon arriving, it's clear things aren't like they used to be. The once lively forest has become a dark and desolate place that no one would want to be in, and there's a gravestone for Eeyore, who was eaten alive by the others.

Both Christopher Robin and Mary become incredibly creeped out fast and things only get worse when someone passes by them while exploring Pooh's house. After they're able to narrowly escape, they only have seconds of safety before Piglet comes out of nowhere and begins to choke Mary with his chain. It's pretty harrowing to watch Piglet choke the life out of Mary with no remorse, and Christopher Robin's screams for him to stop make it even tougher to watch. Mary's death is certainly much tamer than others in the film, but it sets a rough tone for what's to come.

11. Pooh's gross love of honey

Everyone knows that Winnie-the-Pooh's favorite snack is delicious honey, and that doesn't change here. He's seen chowing down on some honey throughout the film, and it also could be the reason that he seems to have a bee army at his disposal. However, watching Pooh eat honey is about one of the grossest things seen in this movie.

Often, it can be seen just sloppily dripping down his face, and there are times where it's harder to look at than even some of the film's gore. When Pooh is seen torturing Christopher Robin, he has honey covering his face and it's absolutely disgusting. It's even grosser when he's standing over one of his victims and honey drips all over them, leading to Piglet making it even more vile. Pooh's love of honey is truly one of the movie's most sickening elements, and will easily make many viewers' stomachs turn at the sight of it pouring down Pooh's face. It's just plain nasty. 

10. Pooh going right for the jugular (and more)

As Maria (Maria Taylor) and Jess (Natasha Rose Mills) try to get away from Pooh in the final moments of the film, they attempt to elude him with a car, but it doesn't exactly work. Pooh just climbs right on top of the car and slowly crawls his way towards Maria in the driver's seat. With little alternatives, Maria decides to slam on the brakes to get him to fly off, but it results in her hitting her head on the steering wheel.

Maria is definitely in bad shape, with blood streaming down her face and her dazed state possibly meaning that she has a serious concussion. Jess is even worse off as Pooh rips her right out of the car. Maria is clearly in no condition to do anything, so Jess is completely helpless against Pooh. Then, offscreen, Pooh cuts Jess' head off and then shows it to Maria to taunt her. It's one of the more mean-spirited things that Pooh does in the film, and him chucking Jess' head at the car without a care spells doom for Maria. It's not as gory as other kills, but Pooh clearly goes for the jugular (and more) with this kill.

9. The horrifying opening narration

One of the more interesting ways that "Blood and Honey" kind of pays homage to its characters' storybook origins is through its animated opening narration. The intro delves into what exactly Pooh and his friends are and how they became close with Christopher Robin as a child. Then, after Christopher Robin leaves, things become much more gruesome for these friendly woodland creatures.

Due to a harsh winter season and Christopher Robin no longer coming around to give the group food, Pooh and his friends start to starve. With them feeling like there were no other options, the group decides to eat Eeyore and it leads to them becoming bloodthirsty monsters hellbent on revenge against Christopher Robin and humanity as a whole. It's a seriously messed-up origin story for Pooh and Piglet, and the fact that poor Eeyore was eaten alive by his friends for survival makes it much more disturbing. After this, viewers can see why Pooh and Piglet have taken such a dark turn.

8. Piglet's big swing

Although Pooh has his fair share of horrifying kills in "Blood and Honey," Piglet is shown to be one cruel killer. Not only does he eat some of their victims, but he really likes to draw out his kills to make others suffer. For instance, after he knocks out Alice (Amber Doig-Thorne) by the pool, he opts to go after Zoe (Danielle Ronald) in a slow chase sequence that feels awful to watch.

Zoe is left running, or rather swimming, for her life in fear while Piglet walks slowly towards her. He even starts taunting Zoe by purposely swinging and missing with his sledgehammer making it all the more gut-wrenching to watch. Eventually, Piglet catches up with Zoe and with one big swing, caving her head in and killing her instantly. Alice seeing it all happen is certainly devastating, and later seeing the result of Piglet's hit leaves viewers uneasy. Given that Zoe and Alice were in a relationship together, Zoe's death has some rough emotions behind it, but leads to some sweet revenge when Alice gets the opportunity to take Piglet out.

7. A gruesome final kill

Christopher Robin should've known that pinning Pooh between two cars wasn't nearly enough to put this old bear down. In no time, Pooh wakes up and easily pushes one car out of the way to free himself. It's a pretty remarkable moment that shows how strong Pooh is, and he's even given an action hero tableau as the car explodes behind him. This epic moment quickly becomes terrifying, though, as Pooh approaches Maria and grabs her by the head.

It seems kind of hopeless for Maria at this point, but Christopher Robin tries one last time to save her. He pleads to Pooh that there's still some good in him and that he should let Maria go because he's the one that Pooh wants. For a few seconds, it seems like his pleas might work, but with one phrase, Pooh makes his feelings clear. By saying "You left," Pooh coldly rejects Christopher Robin's deal and deeply cuts Maria across the throat. It's one of the coldest things that Pooh does in the film, and solidifies that he is truly a killer now. It's no more Mr. Nice Bear, as he continually stabs Maria after she's dead. It's just plain brutal.

6. Alice gets revenge on Piglet

After Pooh and Piglet kill Charlene (Danielle Scott), Alice gets Piglet all to herself and doesn't waste the opportunity in getting her own revenge. Alice knocks Piglet out with a surprise attack and by the time he wakes up, it's already too late for him. Alice has tied him up with his own ropes and chains and has his favorite sledgehammer in-hand to dish out some ice-cold revenge.

Before Alice swings the hammer at Piglet's head, she declares who each brutal beating is avenging. Eventually, Piglet is beaten so bad that he seemingly dies. It's hard not to feel something about Alice getting her revenge considering how much of a terror Piglet has been throughout the film. However, her sweet sense of revenge is short-lived as Pooh comes up behind her and stabs her with a machete through the mouth. It's a sudden double-kill that no one would've expected, and it cuts deep knowing that Alice was only able to feel relief for a moment.

5. Becoming pig food

By the time Maria and her friends find Charlene, a badly beaten survivor, her mind has been completely warped and broken. Her face shows the brutal torture she's endured at the hands of Piglet and Pooh, and she's deeply reeling from Piglet killing her husband. She has a strong personal vendetta against Piglet and wants nothing more than his blood on her hands. So, after nabbing Maria's gun, she calls Piglet out to have one last duel, and surprisingly gets her wish. Piglet shows up, but she's unable to fire the gun at him before Pooh comes up behind her. 

Pooh quickly knocks her down and does something so mortifying that even after everything we've seen to this point, it's unexpected. After he drips some honey on her, Pooh lets Piglet come over and gnaw all over Charlene's face, killing her in an unimaginably inhumane way. The painful screams that can be heard are absolutely terrifying, and given what Charlene has already been through, this just feels like a cruel end. Pooh and Piglet clearly show no mercy towards her and it's what makes them particularly horrifying killers you don't want to cross paths with.

4. Bloody woodchipper

It's never good to be that character in a horror movie who gets separated from the rest of the group or gets lost on the way to meet up with everyone. Maria's friend Tina (May Kelly) is unfortunately that character in "Blood and Honey." After losing her way to the group's cabin and being unable to reach anyone, the only one she comes across is Pooh. Although she does her best to run and hide inside a barn, it ends up being Tina's final resting place. 

Eventually, Pooh catches her and proceeds to deliver the goriest kill in the first act of the film. After ripping Tina's shirt off, Pooh lifts her up and stuffs her into a running woodchipper. It's a classic horror kill that never loses its shock value, with blood flying around the room. By the time it's all over, Pooh's yellow face has red all over it, and it's a nasty sight to see. Maybe if Tina had been able to meet up with her friends things could've been different. Unfortunately, though, she suffers a horrific death at the hands of Pooh. 

3. Pooh fighting off locals

While trying to escape from Pooh, Maria and Jess come across four local men who honestly don't seem like much help at first. They come off super creepy, almost like they're going to be as bad as Pooh. However, once they catch a glimpse of the silly old bear, they gear up and heads towards him intent on teaching him a lesson. At first, it seems like these men might hold their own as they deal a few major blows to Pooh. They even make him bleed a bit, but it becomes clear that they're no match. Just like Michael Myers did at the end of "Halloween Kills," Pooh recovers and goes on an incredible kill streak. 

It's maybe the most classic slasher movie moment in all of "Blood and Honey" as Pooh's rampage kicks off. From smashing a guy's head with his boot to delivering punches that make blood spill everywhere, Pooh holds nothing back here. He even sends his army of bees after one of the guys who tries to escape, a move as terrifying as it is darkly hilarious. At this point, Pooh isn't messing around anymore, and it makes him scarier than ever. 

2. Pooh and Piglet's slaughterhouse

If you're left wondering what Pooh and Piglet do with their victims after killing them, there's a reveal that's sure to leave audiences stunned in disgust. In a sequence that shows Christopher Robin to still be alive but strung up, viewers get a glimpse into Pooh and Piglet's slaughterhouse, and it's totally morbid. There are mutilated bodies strung up everywhere and decrepit corpses that'll make you gag at the sight of them. It's even worse that Mary is one of the corpses, and that Christopher Robin has to see her violated like that. 

Pooh makes things so much worse with both his gross honey eating and his torture of Christopher Robin. He grabs Eeyore's severed tail and starts to whip his old friend in the back. Christopher Robin's welts are nasty and are palpably painful. Frankly, seeing Christopher Robin stuck in this slaughterhouse makes it feel like death might be better, and it shows how feral and rabid Pooh and Piglet have become. 

1. Lara's torturous death

Of all the characters killed by Pooh and Piglet in "Blood and Honey," Lara (Natasha Tosini) easily receives the meanest and most torturous death. After Pooh and Piglet abduct her out of the hot tub where's been taking sexy photos of herself, they hogtie her and proceed with a cruel sequence that's honestly rough to watch. Lara is completely helpless as Piglet steps on her while threatening her with the sledgehammer as Pooh sits in a car aimed directly at her. With how much they're building up the moment, you're left unsure what exactly they're going to do to Lara. 

Pooh eventually makes it clear as Piglet steps away and Pooh drives towards Lara's head. He decides to crush her head with the tire, but it's definitely not quick and painless. Instead, Pooh opts to make it as slow and painful as possible, letting the weight of the car slowly crush Lara's head until her eyes pop out. There's nothing sweet and innocent about Pooh and Piglet anymore, and the aftermath that the girls find is nothing short of sickening. It's the most disturbing moment in the movie, and it'll be tough for a "Blood and Honey" sequel to top it.