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CBS' Ghosts May Explore Isaac's Interesting Dynamic With Trevor

The CBS sitcom "Ghosts" is one of the latest hit for the network channel, as it became the most-watched new comedy in its debut season. The show, which follows a group of eccentric ghosts at a bed and breakfast who suddenly discover they can communicate with the latest owner, has recently received a Season 3 renewal.

The show's cast includes Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar as the owners of the bed and breakfast, with the ghosts being played by Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Rebecca Wisocky, Asher Grodman, and Brandon Scott Jones. Jones plays a General from the US Revolutionary War named Isaac Higgintoot, while Grodman plays Trevor, a stock trader who died at the mansion in the 1980s.

The relationships between the ghosts, and how their experiences in different time periods shape their personalities, has been a key aspect of the show since the beginning. In a recent interview, Jones spoke about how the dynamic between Isaac and Trevor has a lot of potential that the show can explore. Here's what he had to say.

Trevor's confidence could rub off on Isaac

In an interview with Collider, Brandon Scott Jones spoke about the relationship between Isaac and Trevor. He said that while the two may seem like an odd pairing, Trevor has one thing Isaac lacks: confidence. While Isaac was part of the army, his inferiority complex in the light of more decorated American generals such as Alexander Hamilton, as well as the fact that he still has anxiety over his closeted homosexuality, means that his confidence is still lacking.

Trevor, on the other hand, is brimming with confidence, both warranted and unwarranted. Jones noted that Isaac could gain some lessons from Trevor on how to increase his confidence, both in interacting with the other ghosts, and possibly in his romantic life. Isaac added that, with Trevor's help, Isaac could possibly learn to get more joy in life, as Trevor is always in pursuit of whatever will amuse him at the time. Jones concluded that Flower (Sheila Carrasco) could similarly help Isaac let go of his inhibitions and take more chances.

Jones elaborated, in another part of the interview that Isaac as a character has become more outgoing over the course of the show's run. He noted that Isaac started out as someone who kept to himself, and has opened up to others during the show. This has been reflected in Isaac also having "bigger pops of emotion" to go with opening up to others.