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Chicago Med Fans Show No Mercy In Their Dislike Of Kai (And They Have A Point)

Chi-Hard fans of NBC's "Chicago Med" can be a tough crowd for newbie characters coming on board the series. And as it turns out, Kai Tanaka-Reed (Devin Kawaoka), the recently introduced new doc at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, is a prime example of how not to win over viewers, at least not with his antics to date.

Debuting in Season 8 of this One Chicago hit series, Kai wastes no time revealing himself to be a self-important, fragile-ego persona with scant medical experience and way too much bravado. His willingness to overstep his knowledge and skill is on full display when a patient comes into the E.D. with bullet wounds requiring immediate surgery. As the senior doctor in the situation, Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) takes charge of the operation. But as the surgery proceeds, Kai begins to shoulder Marcel aside and become much more involved in the operation than his training allows. 

As a result of Kai's ineptitude, the patient nearly dies and is only saved when Marcel intercedes. After the patient eventually thanks Marcel, Kai feels slighted and is angry enough to actually file an HR complaint, claiming the senior doctor disrespected him. So, with this sort of sketchy behavior informing the character, some "Chicago Med" fans are justifiably irritated with the newly arrived Kai.

Chicago Med fans think Kai is overconfident and infuriating

Responding to Kai Tanaka-Reed's performance in the operating room in "Caught Between the Wrecking Ball and the Butterfly," "Chicago Med" fans didn't hold back when it came to calling out the new doc's annoyance factor on "Chicago Med."

Commenting on the show's subreddit, u/Disastrous-Brother949 complained that Kai is being downright insubordinate to Dr. Marcel, saying, "Oh gosh idk how to describe how much I hate this dude. He acts like he's in charge like ur just a resident just stay in ur place." The poster went on to say that while Marcel can sometimes be a little arrogant himself, he has a sound basis for being that way, but the manner in which Kai treated Marcel was disgusting. "Yes Crockett can be a bit cocky but he has a reason for it," they added.

u/KeekatLove feels that Kai simply wasn't a likable guy from very beginning of his time on the show, writing, "Is it wrong I hated him the moment I saw him? And then he just kept proving my first impression was correct." Meanwhile, on Twitter, @MrsAlphaHulk chimed in to say, "Lmao I really can't stand Kai [two laughing-crying emoticons]." Likewise, even NBC Insider found Kai's personality off-putting and unprofessional, writing, "Dr. Tanaka-Reed instantly steps on Marcel's toes, calling the shots in the operating room and among his colleagues despite his lack of experience."