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Creed Fans Had A Total Freak-Out Moment Over Viktor Drago In The Creed 3 Trailer

Promotion for "Creed 3" was already underway in November of 2021 when its star and director Michael B. Jordan shared his "Creed 3" gains, giving fans their first look at his physique well ahead of the movie's March 3, 2023 theatrical release. Since then, various previews have provided viewers with a closer look at the film's contents, including a "Creed 3" trailer from the 2023 Super Bowl.

This particular trailer is lighter on plot than some of the lengthier previews that preceded it, but makes up for its lack of detail by highlighting the intensity of its central conflict between Jordan's Adonis Creed and new opponent Dame Anderson (Jonathan Majors). As detailed throughout the film's promotion, early on in "Creed 3," Dame, just out of prison, tracks down Adonis, with whom he was friends as a child. A long-building resentment toward the now-successful Adonis ultimately drives him to prove himself against his former friend in a boxing ring.

A final "Creed 3" trailer showing off Jordan's love of anime then hit the internet just days after the Super Bowl, on February 15. Among some of the new footage in this preview is a short clip of "Creed 2" antagonist Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu) squaring up with Adonis in a boxing ring, in a manner that suggests they're now training together. This brief moment, it turns out, has fans stoked for Adonis and Viktor's new dynamic.

Adonis Creed's encounter with Viktor Drago has fans talking

In the comments beneath the final "Creed 3" trailer on YouTube, user @grudgematch6653 wrote, "Who else freaked out when Viktor Drago walked up to Adonis?!!!" and received more than 2500 likes, kicking off a discussion consisting of more than 120 replies.

Most of the responses to this post are from users simply sharing this sense of excitement. For instance, @user-uw8gg4hb5f replied that their jaw dropped upon watching Viktor's confrontation with Adonis, and received over 90 likes. Meanwhile, @victorrain referenced a "Creed 2" scene in which Adonis makes peace with the Drago family, and praised Viktor's inclusion in "Creed 3" as a satisfying payoff to that moment.

In a thread on the general movie subreddit for the final "Creed 3" trailer, user SpaceMyopia likewise shared their excitement over Viktor Drago's return in its second-most upvoted comment.

While this look at Adonis and Viktor together may be brief and altogether inconclusive about their "Creed 3" dynamic, the fact that Viktor is back and in the ring with Adonis in some capacity nevertheless seems to be a welcome surprise for fans of the "Creed" film series. Of course, the nature of Viktor's role will become clearer when "Creed 3" premieres in theaters on March 3.