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Kate Winslet Didn't Need To Be Sold On Playing A 'Female Goddess Warrior' In Avatar 2

Kate Winslet is probably best known for her role as Rose Dewitt Bukater in "Titanic." Although she's had a bright and colorful career since the 1997 phenomenon, Winslet actually hasn't worked with James Cameron, the genius who brought the world "Titanic," since.

At least, that held true until 2022's "Avatar: The Way of Water." Cameron approached her about joining the cast to play Ronal, the clan's female leader. During an interview with Screen Rant, Winslet said that Cameron sold her with how he described Ronal. According to Winslet, Cameron said, "She's the matriarch. She's the female goddess warrior leader of her clan." He didn't really need to say anything else about the part for Winslet to jump at the chance to play such a powerful and potentially influential character.

Winslet insisted that there was no way she was going to say no to a role or an opportunity like Ronal. It never even crossed her mind to turn down such a well-rounded role that — let's face it — usually wouldn't be written for a female character. Winslet added, "I mean, who writes roles like that for women?"

Winslet praised Cameron's devotion to strong female characters

James Cameron has always been praised for his approach to creating dynamic, strong, and compelling female characters, but Kate Winslet still makes a persuasive argument. Although modern media has come a long way, there is still a noticeable difference between how men and women are portrayed in storytelling. For example, a "strong female" usually falls into a stereotype that ends up negating her femininity to make her substantial.

"And it's not just that they're strong women; it's that these women that he conceives of in his mind are physically bionic," Winslet continued. "They are full of heart; they're mothers. They have a power in them that is absolutely awesome to experience."

Cameron's female representation, especially in the world of "Avatar," has gone above and beyond. Not only is the main clan matriarchal in nature, but Cameron never takes away from the characters' womanhood to make them strong. That resonated well with Winslet because she fell in love with Ronal the moment she heard about her.

Winslet also said she felt honored that Cameron approached her with the opportunity at all. She was excited to be part of the project because "[if] you think about that wonderful cast, I knew that I was going to be walking into something that was going to be very specially crafted, full of commitment and artistry."