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Ernie Hudson Thinks Ghostbusters 2 Is 'Easier To Digest' Than The Original

More often than not, sequels just aren't as good as the original. It can be hard to top the magic spark that made a first movie work so well while also bringing something fresh to the table. And while you occasionally get a "Toy Story 2" or "Top Gun: Maverick," most of the time, sequels struggle to find their footing amongst fans. 

And perhaps one of the most picked-on follow-ups is 1989's "Ghostbusters 2." When the first "Ghostbusters" blasted its way onto the big screen in 1984, the film became an instant phenomenon. Not only did the supernatural comedy receive heaps of critical praise, two Academy Award nominations and become the year's second highest grosser, but it went on to spawn a thriving franchise that continues to this day. The first of its follow-ups, "Ghostbusters 2," while another money maker earning over $215 million, has largely been considered inferior to its proton-packed predecessor. Along with several other factors, the film's disappointing run ultimately halted a third "Ghostbusters" film for several decades until 2021's "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," according to Collider.

But is the sequel worth all the loathing? According to one of the Ghostbusters, Ernie Hudson, the sequel is not only good but even has an advantage over the iconic original. 

Ghostbusters 2 is more family friendly

"Ghostbusters 2" may have been unloved when it first released, but more recently has been receiving more love. One of the sequel's biggest defenders is none other than Ernie Hudson himself, who portrays Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore in both original films and 2021's "Ghostbusters: Afterlife." 

On an interview with BET, the "Congo" star described how the second film even manages to top the original. "With 'Ghostbusters' one, I thought it was really quite original," he explained. "But 'Ghostbusters 2', by the time it came out, it was five years after, and they had the cartoon show that was playing, and it had become part of the cultural psyche. So when new people were introduced to that one, it was a different audience ... I think the second movie is more family-friendly ... It's a lot easier to digest." While both films contain their creepy moments, the first film's inclusion of hellhounds, demonic librarians and decomposing cab drivers have been the source of plenty of childhood scarring memories for many. 

For Ivan Reitman, director of the first two "Ghostbusters" films, it was another 1989 blockbuster that stole the thunder from "Ghostbusters 2." As he told Digital Spy, "We came out six days before Tim Burton's reinvention of Batman ... We somehow got compared with that movie even though we were a different kind of animal altogether."